“Americans they come.

We’re drawn here

One by one.

To walk the past,

Revealed in paths

Its quietness resides.


On hallowed ground

We stand surround

By soldiers side by side.

The tunes of Taps

Forever last,

The bugle’s notes do cry.


There’s valor here

And honor too;

The tomb of the Unknown.

A mother’s son or daughter,

Our nation’s fallen one.


Each lie in rest,

They are the best.

Their fighting now is done.



On scared ground,

American flags do fly.

The carriage wheel,

The swords of steel,

Horses passing by.


To tunes of Taps

In sorrow past,

The Bugler’s note do cry.”


Poem by denisebalog©

Photo by denisebalog taken in Arlington National Cemetery.

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

7 thoughts on “Arlington”

    1. Thank you Marcey!So sweet of you to mention me in a “pingback”:) I spent the day working on updating my blog page, and am learning new words and ways around the widget world! I believe you mentioned me in a “pingback!” I do appreciate your kindness and encouragement! denise


    1. Thank you Marcy for encouraging words on the poem. It’s really important to me not to make the poem about my travel, but open the door through words for someone to experience this special place on their own:) Thank you for your comment:)Blessings


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