Not All Poems, and Pros in Quietness

It’s not all poems and pros each morning.

This is how the Word strengthens

and encourages me for the coming day.

I pray you would be blessed,

and encouraged in His

surrounding quietness

and peace.


This morning I struggled

to find my way to the coffee

and peace in the day.

The ‘Jesus Calling” devotional

offered the words,

“in quietness and in trust

shall be your strength”

from Isaiah 30:15.

Prompting the search for “quietness”.


Finding several Scriptures

with the word “quietness”

but only once

mentioned with the definition

from 1 Chronicles 22:9.

A masculine noun from

the very word of “Shalom”

or “peace”.

David is speaking

to his son Solomon.

Giving Solomon

the promise of God

for his life.

His kingdom would have peace

for 40 years.


“Behold, a son shall be born to you

who shall be a man of rest.

I will give him rest from

all his surroundings enemies.

For his name shall be Solomon,

and I will give peace

and quietness to Israel

in his days.” 1 Chronicles 22:9 (ESV)


Quietness – #8253 – shetqet

– tranquility – peace – rest.

The Hebrew letters spell:



Sheen – the smile to know

Koof – in the back of your head

Tet – the surrounding Peace of the Son Who loves you!



I chuckled, for reading on,

David tells his son, Solomon,

in verse 16 to

“Arise and work!”

The LORD be with you!”


May the LORD be with each of you today

as we “Arise and work!”

Knowing we are surrounded

by the Peace of our Prince


for His Kingdom work!




ps: photo of the 21st Hebrew letter “sheen”

Smile of Peace over the City of Jerusalem

captured – March 2014

Sheen - 21st letter - Do you see the "smile" or "teeth"?
Sheen – 21st letter – Do you see the “smile” or “teeth”?
Reysh - 20th letter - Head (of a person). Can you see the flip of his hair or cap?
Reysh – 20th letter – Head (of a person). Can you see the flip of his hair or cap?
Tet - the 9th Hebrew letter. Word picture for 'surround."
Tet – the 9th Hebrew letter. Word picture for ‘surround.”


For more visual pictures of the Hebrew letters,

see the menu for Hebrew Alphabet Chart.

#19 - Koof - 2011 better 0824
Koof – the back of the head in Jerusalem. Shalom!


Devotional by Sarah Young


Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

4 thoughts on “Not All Poems, and Pros in Quietness”

  1. Thank you for your always inspirational posts. Yes indeed in quietness and confidence is our Strength. thank God His internal Presence and His Peace which we all can have because of this. You are right ‘getting up’ working being out there is where we must be as HIM in the needing world. Thursday for me personally is a Called out day – I cannot explain but on that day I must sit, listen, pray how for whom and wherever He alone directs. I am always astonished HOW and where this day often prayerfully journeys. Word and Worship but led prayer….sometimes folks I know or am connected with ie blogging or through other means… church etc etc. Jerusalem is often a big focus. Shalom! to you. “Our God Lives! 15 inspired devotions with pictures is now published. Amazon has a page detailing but I have also seen the e-book and thank God that even this simple tool looks beautiful. Thank God my life is all about Him.(my husband shares the journey and supports the drop-out time on Thursday) Your writing is valued. I am grateful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Faye! Is the 15 inspired devotional book yours? Sounds wonderful:) Yes, quietness to hear as the Holy Spirit leads in prayer is lovely time with Jesus. Your prompt to pray on Thursday is always a nice reminder to pray for our new and across the world friends of WordPress. I am amazed how Christ can use this technology to join His people together for His glory. We need to continue to encourage each other so we might be an encouragement to those who so desperately need to hear some “Good News” today:) blessings to you all the way from here to there! Your sister in Christ Jesus, denise


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