Looking for Peace is Illuminated

As I thought about what profile photo

would best replace the red, white and blue flag

in support of France on my personal Facebook wall,

this photo, taken on Mount Carmel,

was tucked away inside my Israel 2014 trip file.

Looking up the place in Scripture,

it is the site where Elijah confronts

Ahab and the 400 prophets.


After posting,

I glanced down the page,

and this verse was “illuminated”.

“How long will you go limping

between two different opinions?”

If the LORD is God, follow Him…”

1 Kings 18:21


Yes, in the midst of so much turmoil

and world conflict,

His Word continues to offer peace and direction.


“…and the God Who

answers by fire,

He is God.”

1 Kings 18:24


The “fire” is the “shadow” of

The Holy Spirit.

And I choose NOT to go

“Limping between two different opinions,”

The LORD is God

and I will follow Him.

In Jesus Name,


7 thoughts on “Looking for Peace is Illuminated”

    1. Blogger on the Mount, I love your blog name! Thank you for the lovely comment:) Yes, the Lord is my Shepherd and in Him there is no lack:) Only through His loving leading I found myself standing on this Mount. Never knowing the way or the desire of my heart, His path changed my life forever:) Amazing Grace! God bless!!

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  1. Dear Denise,
    Thank you for your blog poem. understand your heart reflections. Perhaps I should keep my blog posts bland but I have a passion learned from a lifetime of knowing Christ through all the valley and hilltops of life. I passionately believe we must love HIM and HIM alone with all our hearts and lives. Jew or Gentile even Christian (we are grafted into Israel….its an absolute fact) but there is still only ONE SAVIOUR…..One Lord. The Messianic Jews in Jerusalem have this passion in their hearts, The Christians in Saudi Arabia and dying on the Syrian battlefield. it is all about only Christ. Evil should not be repaid by evil. Monique (a friend in Paris who with her son and husband and son was on the street at time of the atrocities) is the first to admit that France is an ungodly nation and only a return to the Christ and the cross will their future ever have real Hope. Its there in Paris that folks like Monique know what it means to pray for your enemies. The innocents in Syria do not understand the fury of revenge.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Faye. So sorry your friend’s son was so near the bombing. Continued prayer for peace in this world we call home. Ending times prophecy is truly upon. But this I know, my Redeemer lives! God bless:)


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