It’s All About a “Hug” in Elementary – “Questions Handled”

An incident ensued in the Elementary bathroom.

Two students were brought to the

Principal’s office for questioning.

 Conflicting stories were given

by both eight year old girls.

The Principal requested another girl

from the Second grade to come

to the Office concerning

the “horse play.”  


Over the intercom to the classroom,

the Second grade teacher was asked

to send her student to the Office.


Not knowing the circumstances of the request,

the reluctant child walked towards the Office

unsure if she was facing pending doom

from the unexpected summons.  


Miss Cheryl, the teacher assistance on duty,

attempted to assure the hesitant girl

she was NOT in trouble.

“Shelby, Mrs. Ryan

just wants to ask you a few questions.”


Shelby, relieved at hearing

this unexpected good news,


threw her jubilant hands

up into the air

loudly exclaiming,   

“Questions I can handle! Trouble No!”


Spoken with the truth of a child!

 Isn’t this how we all feel on any given day!

Questions yes, trouble no!


Thank you for the “Hug” Shelby,

you made us laugh

in the most elementary way!

Child's Play
Round and round they go…Another day to play in Elementary!




The names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

10 thoughts on “It’s All About a “Hug” in Elementary – “Questions Handled””

  1. Lovely story. I was right there with little Shelby on her reluctance at being “summoned” and oh what a relief when the teacher reassured her that everything was going to be okay. Even as an adult just the thought of “trouble” or “conflict” makes my stomach queasy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Stephanae for your lovely comment:) You made my day with your sweet encouragement of enjoying the story. Yes, even I sitting at my desk, not “seeing” her come down the hall, could feel her “pain” and “reluctance!” Miss Cheryl strengthen both our weak knees, and I was the one who made the announcement to come to the Office! Lol Kids, ya gotta love them!! Thank you again for stopping by:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marcey! Just Mom, husband and our boy:) Expecting heavy rain, so we are in for the weekend; which we love!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours:) Glad you enjoyed the little story; the kids crack us up!! Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You don’t have to “click this Marcey” but I sure appreciate your timely word. The Lord has been speaking to me to finish something He set my heart to do this time a few years back. Insecurity, and I guess that is a form of “pride” and not “trusting’ has prevented me from moving forward. Thank you friend… I needed to hear that ” word ” from you! No beef today in our house!! Turkey Day:) :):)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Faye! New “writing” for me; I needed to hear that:) Elementary school is a hard place with so many broken families and children. But yet! The kids are magnificent in their look at life! I often question “why” the Lord open this door when having an exceptionally hard day, then He reminds me with a “hug” and a story:) I hear SO many, I thought I would give my “pencil” and heart an opportunity to share some of them. Thank you for your comment; blessed to hear:)


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