The Wonder of His Complete Simplicity

The Wonder of His Simplicity
The Wonder of His Complete Simplicity

My friend texted

last night.

 A few years back,

we prayed together,


the Lord to move

and work in a

specific area in her life.


In His timing, 

with no fanfare

or headline news,


He has opened

the door

for us to see

this request

brought to fruition. 


In complete awe, and


of God’s hand, and

His willingness to

Hear and


the following words

were penned in my

morning prayer. 

 “Lord, You are

not about


You are about


Going about

and doing


to those

Who need

a touch from You.

A miracle of


A Word of

Comfort too.

You are



And I worship


Poem by denisebalog

As is my nature,

I went looking to see if the word,


Is found in the Concordance.

Yes, what a surprise

and more amazing,

its definition!


“Simplicity – #8537 – tom (tome) (Strong’s Concordance)

“A masculine noun meaning – completeness, integrity – full, integrity,

Perfect, simplicity, upright.

See #8550 – Tummiym – perfections…one of the epithets

of the objects in

The high-priest’s breastplate

as an Emblem

of complete Truth – Thummim.” 

The high-priest breastplate.
The high-priest breastplate.


I encourage you to

Continue to pray.


in His


to answer





And Truth!

In Jesus Name,



The Hebrew letters for Simplicity

tom – are Tav, Mem

Tav – CrossMiracle, Sign, Covenant

Mem – WaterHoly Spirit’s movement

Simplicity – the Miracle or Sign of the Holy Spirits’ Movement.

Hebrew Word pictures can be seen

on the Menu bar under

“Alphabet Letter Chart”

on my Homepage. 


Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

10 thoughts on “The Wonder of His Complete Simplicity”

  1. What a wonderful blog-post<3. Encouraging:-). Love is patient, and God is love. So, I try to be patient and wait for my prayers to be answered. Also, remember to be grateful for all those he has already answered. I do not live by bread alone, but every word that comes out of Gods mouth. There is always something to be grateful for.

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  2. Thank you dear one for your sharing. How sad it really is that whole blocks of the Christian Church have forgotten or cease to remember the simplicity of the whole Gospel Message. Accept, Believe, follow. Come as a little child (prayer etc etc) absolute simplicity..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was completely amazed Faye to find the word in Scripture, and to learn its definition. We make things SO complicated, and as you said, come like children, they do not. They ask believing, and when they are in need, they ask! Oh to learn from our little ones, and believe Jesus’ words to do so. Yes, when the world has they eyes on the “publicity” to trash talk prayer, our God is STILL answering prayer! Quietly, and in His timing, and according to His plan:)

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