Brutish in heart



Lord, show me Your


My heart is hard

As a rock.

Soften my mean streak;

Move within my heart.

I’m angry,


Eye set on self.

Kiss me in

Your Word

Like there is

None else.”


“When my soul was embittered

When I was pricked in heart,

I was brutish and ignorant;

I was like a beast toward You.”

Psalm 73:21-22 (ESV)

 2015-12-17 Tender

“Your golden scepter

toward me;

Move within my heart.

Tenderness before mine eyes,

Revive this hardened heart.”

“But when I thought

How to understand this,

It seemed to me a

Wearisome task,

Until I went into

The sanctuary of God.”

Psalm 73:16-17 (ESV)

Break of day...I


Tender – Hebrew #7401 – rakak (raw-kak)

  • Man’s anointed covering –

“Thus says the LORD…

Regarding the Words

that you have heard,

because your heart was

Tender and you humbled yourself

before God when you heard

His Words…and you have

humbled yourself before Me

and have torn your clothes

and wept before Me,

I have also heard you,

declares the LORD.

And you shall be…

In Peace.”

2 Chronicles 34:27 (ESV)

Life Truth:

Even when I’m

Angry and have a

Hardness of heart

Toward myself, and

The world,

Jesus hears me

And His Word

Brings me Peace.

I’m sealed until the

Day of redemption,

Not by my will

Or work,

But by His


Cup hand of

Anointed covering



"You anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over..."Psalm 23:5
“You anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over…”Psalm 23:5

 “My flesh and

My heart my fail,

But God is the

Strength of

My heart


My portion


Psalm 73:26 (ESV)

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

6 thoughts on “Brutish in heart”

    1. Thank you Jenn. I can be such a cry baby. I always feel better when I climb into my Father’s lap and tell Him all about how I feel. He never ceases to amaze me with His patience and love:) Thank you for stopping by. I pray He “kissed’ you too:)


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