Relax, Let go, Cease, Know…

Good morning Lord,

Here I am pre-dawn.

Pencil in hand,

early morn.

Holy ground,

is where I’m found.


Socks removed;

open to You.

Speak a Word

my ears can hear.

Draw me closer

Your presence near.


Holy ground,

pre-dawn with You.

Shoes removed,

agenda too.”

poem by denisebalog

“Be still,

and know

that I Am God.”

Psalm 46:11 (ESV)

“Still” – raphah (raw-faw’)

  • A word on man’s head to behold.
Be still and behold
“…I AM God.” Psalm 46:10

Life Truth:

When I cease,

He speaks.

2 thoughts on “Relax, Let go, Cease, Know…”

  1. Oh my dear one. How true. When we cease He indeed can and does speak. All the incredible twists and turns of my life in Christ have been because He spoke, I heard and I responded. Like Mary in the Christmas story we must be still in His Presence without agenda so we too can say………Lead me Lord whatever do you require me to do? (once he said Vanuatu, another time China but another….you will deliver butterflies to bring Divine Hope to the bereaved,) Each time I questioned and yes he did indeed make a way.) Doesn’t mean for me it was ever easy or clear-cut. .I only really knew He spoke.

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    1. Deliver butterflies, how sweet is that! Hello Faye, always a blessing to hear from you:) Yes, I too long to be like Mary, with no agenda and ponder the truths He speaks in my heart. So blessed to have two weeks of “no agenda” except to celebrate the birth of our King. Isn’t He wonderful! Seek first the Kingdom and everything else will be given. I never would have believed or been “able” to figure out how I could work and have time off too! But for Jesus! My son, age 10 at the time, we prayed and believed God would move on our behalf. I use to work retail and worked all the time, especially the holidays. Two years later, and through no effort or will of my own, He opened the door, and instead of driving 30 miles each way, I am 2 miles up the road. AND I work the same schedule as my boy, who is now a Junior. As we travel to school together daily, we are continually amazed at the faithfulness of His Holy Word and promises in our lives. Blessings Faye, and Happy Holy Days!! denise


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