Warm Fleecy Pajamas

Warming off

After a full day of activities,

and wearing

warm fleecy pajamas,

on P.J. day at school,

(as we were preparing to

pack up to leave for the year),

the principal’s granddaughter

stepping outside

into the cool of the air


“Mimi, I’m “warming off!”

“Mimi, I’m warming off!” 


Mrs. J. and I 


Thought about what

Rainee said, and

“giggled with joy”

as children!


I am always amazed

at a child’s “point of view!”

Reminding me once again,

of Jesus’ words to

“become like children.” Matthew 18:2


God’s view doesn’t see things the way we do.

Who’s to say she’s not “warming off?”

When you think about,

Isn’t that what she’s really doing?

I feel better now!
I feel better now!


“For MY thoughts are not your


Neither are your ways

My ways,

Declares the LORD”

Isaiah 55:8 (ESV)

8 thoughts on “Warm Fleecy Pajamas”

  1. So sweet and I could kiss every child in the world, especially warm and cozy from their bath and wearing fleecy p.j.’s! Merry Christmas or happy holidays wishes for you and yours. I fefell behind but will hope to catch up with you, soon! Hugs, Robin

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    1. Amen!! Love your name of your blog. I often tease I am the “woman in the shoe who had so many children she didn’t know what to do!” Gotta love them.. They make us laugh and fill our hearts with joy! A bit of frustration too, but they usually end up making us laugh anyway:) Merry Christmas!!

      Liked by 1 person

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