Holiday’s best dress

Rainy Sunday

“I did nothing today,
I’m happy to say,
Except listen to
The cold rain outside.

I did take a nap
To fill in the gap,
Which I found
A most pleasant

While friends go
Pulling all down
Of Holiday’s dress
At its best.

The cat, dog and me
Enjoyed time quite free
By the glow of the
In our nest.”

PS: My first attempt to post a
“Thought” or “poem”
Using a new tablet Christmas gift,
On WordPress while sitting on my
Favorite spot on the couch.
(I guess I should have included
A photo or two of my lounging pets:)
I am feeling pretty successful!!

18 thoughts on “Holiday’s best dress”

    1. I was just going through my “emails” at my desk, scanning those I have read on my phone, and was “thinking” about you:) Wondering what beautiful “word” you had to share today:) Blessings and thank you for stopping by:)

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    1. Thank you Patrick! Got to place I was ready to hit “publish” and couldn’t find the button:) Thought, oh no, I’ll lose it all if I hit the “return” arrow! Husband rescued me!! Hit the “return” arrow and there it was:) I’m a “scary cat” when it comes to these devices:) Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year!

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  1. I have my tree up until New Year’s day at least. I was taking this week off to spend time with my grandies but so far, my lack of technology created a space on my calendar. So, the rain is pouring outside my apt window, my little tree with bird’s nests, gingham checked ribbons and bells with my scent melting warmer turned on. It holds gingerbread scent so makes me nibble on cookies. Perfect day off from my warehouse job. 🙂

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  2. Lovely blog. Because of the 12 days of Christmas my tree and none of the decorations etc are put away until 6th January. These days are now the still days of rest and thankfulness (as you spoke of above). .Shalom!

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    1. Thank you Faye:) Everyone “complains” about the work, expense and stress of it all, then once we get here there “gone!” Kind of like going on a vacation, staying one day, then retuning to work the next. I love your answer…12 days of Christmas! Yes, our tree will not come down until the weekend following the 6th. Pure joy to breath it all in:) We woke to a delightful surprise, snow this morning! Husband left for work, the rain turned to snow, then sleet..he is home today too! Thank You Jesus for the “sprinkles” on Your birthday cake!!


    1. Thank you:) Sitting here and reading on Facebook my friends posting success photos of their houses all cleaned and Christmas put away, and I’m thinking… Really? Lol Love Christmas vacation!! Still days of rest and thankfulness to go!

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