Where “Bitter” does go

Present day olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane which means "pressed".
Present day olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane
which means “pressed”

“The Teacher is calling you,


Mary, oh Mary,

What’s in your name?

Your sister Martha

Was no prettier,


The Teacher is

Calling your



Come closer,

My dear one,


Choose now to sit

At My feet.

Sweet bread and

Dainties, I’ll deliver,

As you listen to

My Words I now speak.


I know of your

Hidden frustration.

The pain you store

Deep inside.

The longing of your heart

For something sweeter,


I know all these places



Lay your head on

My shoulder;

Curl up,

by My side.

Your razor

Sharp edges

Won’t cut,

Your temper

Doesn’t catch

My surprise.


Listen dear,


To My heart.

Let your tears

Of frustration

Freely flow.

I’ll catch each one

In My bottle,

And store them

Where bitter does go.


Hear Me now,

dear daughter,

“No longer will I call

You “Bitter”,

For your Precious

And dear to My heart.

I’ll bring you back with

The joy of gladness,

To the land where

We first


Our start.


Freshness of dew

For your spirit;

My love will

Wash over you.

The Valley of tears

You’ll not wander,

Forgetting the pain of

Your youth.

You’ll lay down

Your head in

Green pastures.

Drinking freely

From the cup of

My side.

In beauty of


I’ll anoint you,

At My feet




Prayer garden in the Garden of Gethsemane, Israel
Prayer garden in the
Garden of Gethsemane, Israel

“Martha welcomed Him into

Her house. And she had a sister

Called Mary, who sat

At the Lord’s feet and listened

To His teaching.” Luke 10:38


“Marah” – means “bitter” – (Mem, Reysh, Hey)

 – Chaos in man’s head not to see His Grace. 


Life truth:

Let “bitter” go,

and “behold” the beauty of His Grace.

Grace – undeserved, unmerited favor.



Poem by denisebalog

4 thoughts on “Where “Bitter” does go”

  1. Thoughtful blog. Ruth and Naomi story came to mind. After the birth of Boaz Naomi could claim ‘my name will no longer be ‘bitter ‘and my life truly ‘blessed:.


    1. Yes, thank you. “Marah” is the word Naomi used in Hebrew. Also can be “Mary” . Didn’t want to confuse anyone. “Mary” shouldn’t be “bitter” at all…He turns my “sour” vinegar into “sweet’ wine every time:) Blessings Faye:)


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