In a word…haste


“The freedom of

Christmas vacation.

Suspended between

Activity and Haste.”



“For you shall not

Go out in haste,

And you shall not go

In flight,

For the LORD will go

Before you,

And the

God of Israel

Will be your

Rear guard.”

Isaiah 52:12


Haste – protection from the mouth of the enemy.

 Life truth: “The LORD is on my side;

I will not fear.

What can man do to me?”

(and that includes my busy self!) 

Psalm 118:6 NKJV


blessings from,

denise and my “yea! Mom’s going outside 

for a walk this morning!!” Abby:)

10 thoughts on “In a word…haste”

    1. Thank you Reocochran:) Learning to hear and be still is a work in progress:) Once I go back to work on Monday (oh, don’t even say the word:) no matter how early I get up, seems I’m always between “activity and haste!” Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year:)


  1. Love the photos. Looks cold! Know in your country this year you have such extremes N.Y. looks like mid-summer. Here we have floods and raging bushfires. Whether Summer, winter, Autumn (fall) or Spring a daily walk can slow the pace of internal striving and let His Peace come in. May you gently flow into the beginning of a new year. Trusting in Him for the best still to come. Looking ever towards His goals. F. (poem is beautiful).

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    1. Thank you Faye:) Yes, I love to walk “the orchard” as we call it. (Before the sever drought of 1998, it was a full producing fruit orchard) Pears and pecans continue to inspire me as I make my track around:) When the time comes to return to the “activity and haste” makes the trip a little harder to make:) Good place to walk off the Christmas cookies and sticky buns! 4 times around equals an approximate 1 mile. Crazy weather here all the time! Friday was 73: Saturday tornadoes; Sunday flooding, and we finished it off with snow and sleet on Monday:)

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