Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Red Flowers

Field of red "buttercup" Anemone flowers on hillside in Israel
Field of red “buttercup” Anemone flowers on hillside in Israel

In an effort to “lighten up”

and have more “fun“,

RED Flower photo was captured

on a hillside looking towards Nazareth in

Israel on my first trip 2011.

As is my nature, went looking for the

name Anemone in Hebrew.

Found “Anem”two fountains.

A town in Issachar. Scripture (1Chron6:73) noted.

Yep, “…and Anem with it’s pasturelands.” 1Chron6:73

Anem – Hebrew Word #6046 – Anem (aw-name’)

meaning “two fountains”

from root Word #5869

(I love looking for the “Root” word!)

#5869 – “ayin” (ay-yin) definition:

analogy a fountain (as the eye of the landscape).


Hebrew 3 letters root pictures are:

Ayin for eye;

Yood for closed hand or “work”; (Generally refers to God’s hand)

Noon for fish or “life activity”.

In the context speaking to my heart –

The eye to see, the work of God’s, life activity!

Beautiful RED Anemone flowers!


Double fountain – seeing with my eyes

and believing in my heart,

“And God said, Let the earth

sprout vegetation, plants, yielding seed…

and God saw that it was good.”

Genesis 1:11-12 ESV

Thank you Cee’s Foto Challenge.

This was “good!”



To see more of the Hebrew Word Pictures

go to the Menu bar “Hebrew Alphabet” chart.





18 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Red Flowers”

    1. Hello Carl! Nice to hear from you:) I generally do my “digging” with the Strong’s Concordance. I love to get me hands on the pages and go from this to that:) I can get lost for hours:) Yes, the Holy Land is an amazing experience; turning black and white reading into a 3D color experience! I would recommend 120% to everyone who is a “seeker”. I am praying the door opens to return again in 2016. Thank you again for stopping by and your comment. Blessings for a happy, healthy New Year! denise

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, thank you:) I’ve been thinking of doing others, do I go to your post, (example the bench one) and copy for that? I appreciate your “challenge” and help!


  1. Oh WOW!! This is such a ‘dream’ photo…with echoes of a field of flowers in one of my ‘vision’ journals which I’ve kept for many years…I love the ‘anem’ meaning you uprooted… Will be meditating on this much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Susan:) Yes, as I thought later about the “double fountains”, I thought there must have been two natural sources in the “pastureland”. Thinking, I guess one could say the same today. The Holy Spirit and the lovely “visuals” we are blessed to see and have as reminders of the One:) His Word is SO good:) blessings, denise

      Liked by 1 person

  2. On past posts, Denise, I have written about the different ways words can be used. I call them “wordplays.” I did this with “regret,” “frame/framed,” and songs using forms of “rain” and “storm.” I loved your Biblical way of looking up anenome. I like the red flowers, too. This was a bright and cheery post! Hope you enjoy New Year’s Eve and the whole wonderful 2016! *¤☆☆¤*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Reocochran:) I will have to go look for your post and what you wrote on the different ways with words:) I was trying to “simply” have a little fun with the photo challenge, but before you know it, I had a blast! My goal is to learn how to post a bit more quickly, especially when I go back to work on Monday, but never seems to work out that way! Oh well, it was truly “fun”, and I’m looking forward to giving it another try. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment. blessings, and Happy New Year 2016! denise


    1. It may seem like the craziest thing to do, but if the Lord leads through an open door embrace the opportunity. I have not met one yet that has regretted the journey. Thank you for visiting Patrick:) God bless and Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Faye:) I went looking for the correct name, and one thing led to another. Found myself in the midst of a joyful Bible study! Still want to check the territory of Issachar. Love the meanings and depth in the tribes of Israel. But that’s another day! God’s Word is SO good. Double fountain of blessings Faye!


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