12 thoughts on “The cutting of the stem”

  1. If fasting is replaced 100% by prayer. Then, the fragrance goes forth like incense. When HE calls for the fast. He honours. I do not personally believe it should ever be undertaken as ‘a good idea’ or ‘the correct thing to do.’ What are your thoughts?

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    1. Yes Faye, my thoughts are on One, Jesus could ever do a perfect “fast”. I know I can not. For me, when I have felt ” led” or “drawn” to fast, has been more in line of selecting something I really enjoy and giving it up for a period. I personally could never, and like you are concern for those who try to “fast” food and/water. Giving up “sugar” or eating between meal, not as under law, but from my heart, has opened the door to receive an abundant blessing. Not a “material” one, more of a “spiritual” awakening or prepared me to “stand firm” in the heat of a spiritual battle. Swinging the sword for a clean cut! blessings Faye:) denise


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