My Comfort…as the mountains surround Jerusalem


Hillside view on the way to work.
Hillside view on the way to work.

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

So the LORD surrounds His people.” Psalm 125:5


Yep, that’s the verse.

In 2010, as I was driving to work,

Meditating on these words,

the Lord invite me to Jerusalem.


My heart skipped a beat with excitement.

But, after the initial burst of joy,

my mind took over, and

Fear set in!

It was too late,

the Scripture had dropped down into my heart,

And I knew,

that I knew,

I was going to Israel.

I was going to Jerusalem
I was going to Jerusalem


Coming up with a million and one reasons why

It was not possible for me to go to Israel.

One morning in prayer,

I cried out to the Lord,

Softly, He spoke to my spirit in His Word.

So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13
So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13

“As one whom his mother comforts,

So I will comfort you;

You will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13


“Lord, but what happens when I am in the middle

Of the 9000 mile journey,

in the air,

2016-02-16 Whisked Away map 3201

and the evil one whispers in my ear,

“you made a mistake…you heard wrong…”


 His gentleness,

He reminded me of Jesus’ answer

when the ol’ snake attempted to do

the same to Him.

Jesus spoke,

“It is written…”


It is written...Matthew 4:4
It is written…Matthew 4:4


So it began…I bought the most comfy fabric

And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1
And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1

“Thinking I will write the words.”

But the pen didn’t work very well on fleece.

So I started to stitch the words.


With each stitch,

the Words began

To be engraved in my heart.

And from His faithfulness and Promises,

My “Comfort” blanket became alive with

Peace and hope.


Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

May I share a few verses…


When I asked, “Why do You want me to go?”


What I AM doing...John 13:7
“What I AM doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” John 13:7

When I asked, “What will I see?”

Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24
Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24

When I reminded Him, yet again, of all my responsibilities.

"but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion." Luke 10:42
“but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion.” Luke 10:42

When I asked how I was going to afford to go on a trip like this?

Shall I not...cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9
Shall I not…cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9

But I’m scared…

Do not be afraid...go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10
Do not be afraid…go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10

And when my heart began to believe…

Let us go at once...I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23
Let us go at once…I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23

And the last verse stitched before I left

Walk about Zion...Psalm 48:12
Walk about Zion…Psalm 48:12

In His Faithfulness and 

Love - ahabah - Tav-Aleph
Love – ahabah – Tav-Aleph

Stepping out on the Comfort of His Word,

my life changed forever.

And not one good promise failed!
And not one good promise failed!

I pray you too have been blessed by His Faithfulness!

May God bless you,


Returning to Daniel to Remember – Zayin

A study illuminating Jesus in Daniel, Chapter 10.

“And I, Daniel, alone saw the vision, for the men who were with me did not see the vision, but a great trembling fell upon them, and they fled to hide themselves.” Daniel 10:7

Daniel was alone – “cut off” by himself.

Zayin - Seventh Hebrew letter. Word Picture: Weapon - Sword Meaning: To end, bring to completion, to cut, to cut off. Can you visualize holding it in your hand as a weapon?
Zayin – Seventh Hebrew letter.
Word Picture: Weapon – Sword
Meaning: To end, bring to completion, to cut, to cut off.
Can you visualize holding it in your hand as a weapon?

Daniel heard the sound of Jesus’ voice which is also found in Revelation 19:15 – “mouth like a sword” – Jesus is coming to “bring completion”.

Weapon used by the Romans.
Weapon used by the Romans.

Of Daniel – “His attendants saw not the vision; …There is a divine revelation vouchsafed to all, from converse with which none are excluded who do not excluded themselves.” – quote by Matthew Henry

Man cuts himself off from Christ and His revelations.

A revelation found in the Hebrew word “remember”.

“The Hebrew word for remember is zakar. The Hebrew letters (Zayin, Kaf, Reysh for remember) can visually illustrate, to remember is the weapon in the palm of the hand of the person. Our highest weapon in spiritual warfare is to remember.

The next time the evil one shows you lack, remember the Lord is your Shepherd, and you “shall not want”; when sickness plagues the day, remember, “with His stripes we are healed” and when the world asks, “Where is your God?” remember Jesus and His “steadfast love.”

The first time Jesus used the word remember in the New Testament, He said, “Remember the five loaves of bread…” there is the number five again; Grace! Let us enjoy this Travel Truth spending the day remembering, “Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ!” John 1:16”

Scriptures: Psalm 23:1; Isaiah 53:5; Psalm 42:3; Matthew 16:9

“Remember” excerpt from my book: King's Highway-Jesus Revealed in Psalm 119

Feature photo – Rainbow over the Sea of Galilee.

“And God said…I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant…” Genesis 9:16 (ESV)



Blessings of the Morning Dove

“Pour your heart into,

And with one read it is gone.

Is this really in

Your plan, Lord,

Or am I merely spinning on?


Morning by morning my ear hears

As my pencil moves upon.

Words of praise,

To You Father.

Songs of love,

To the Son.

Blessings of the Trinity,

Quiet as a Dove.”

“O LORD, You are my God.

I will exalt You,

I will praise Your Name,

For You have done wonderful things.”

Isaiah 25:1 (NKJV)

“He awakens me morning by morning,

He awakens my ear…” Isaiah 50:4 (NKJV)

Photo: dove-pigeon-new-hd-wallpapers-free-download-birds-pictures

poem by denisebalog©

It’s an eleven day journey…

In the year and half prior to leaving on the trip,

I fussed and cried to the Lord, daily about ALL

the reasons why I could not go on this very long trip.

I knew in my heart of hearts, He had something for me.

I knew He was trying to do me good, not harm.

I knew a lot of things, but I never knew the depth of His love.Comfort Blanket

Pictured is my “Comfort” blanket where all the verses He spoke to my heart for the trip are written. (I will share that another time)DSCN3314

“It’s an eleven day journey…”Genesis 46:1 ESV

 In all my excuses, He brought me to this verse; the

same number of days of my trip!

Yes, the Lord knew EXACTLY how long, how far, and how wide

the trip would be.DSCN0181

After listening to the music of the waves all night,

I woke to this beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

My strength was renewed from air travel, and

the day ahead was filled with treasures

I could have never imagined or planned. DSCN0187

First stop, Caesarea.

Caesarea on the Mediterranean - Paul would have been imprisoned here while waiting to journey to Rome. Acts 24 and Acts 25
Caesarea on the Mediterranean – Paul would have been imprisoned here while waiting to journey to Rome. Acts 24 and Acts 25

Caesarea was named in honor of Augustus Caesar by Herod the Great.

Time frame about 22 to 10 BC


Paul would have stood here in from of Flex the governor in Acts 23:23


Herod loved his chariot races.DSCN0197

Uncovering of Herod’s swimming pool.DSCN0199

Mosaic tiles on the bottom of the pool.DSCN0202

Looking toward what was once a prison at this major seaport in New Testament times.DSCN0427

Love the shells of Caesarea.DSCN0212

One of my fellow pilgrims…lot’s of kitties in Israel too.DSCN0216


The famous Roman aqueducts used to bring fresh water in from Mount Carmel.

I pray you are blessed with a bit of photos and travel on

this “eleven day journey…”




The Son’s Wife

“Covering me with Your hand.

Dying for me as a man.

Laying down Your life,

Betrothing me as Your wife.

Turning my dirty filth

To jewels bedecked on silk.

Beholding Your Grace,

Through the veil of

White bridal lace.”

"...for He has covered me with the robe of righteousness...and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels." Isaiah 61:10
“…for He has covered me with the robe of righteousness…and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.” Isaiah 61:10

  “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corinthians 13:12-13 (ESV)

poem by denisebalog©

Photo captured in Joppa, Israel

Brides of the Beloved

"But Jonah rose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. He went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish." Jonah 1:3
“But Jonah rose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. He went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish.” Jonah 1:3

Our first stop was Joppa. Scents of new growth and spring filled the warm ocean air. Everywhere I looked, I saw brides, in dazzling white, aglow in the sunset. Bridegrooms delighting in their brides as they showed them around the cobbled square.DSCN0159

Learning, these couples were not married as of yet. It was customary for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. Not wanting to make the same mistake as his forefather, Jacob, who married Leah, instead of his beloved Rachel.

“And in the morning, behold, it was Leah!” Genesis 29:25 (ESV)


As I lay with my head on my pillow, after 24 hours of travel, listening to the Mediterranean waves crash on to the shoreline below,

I asked the Lord,

“Lord, why after all this preparation, beckoning me in the midst of my fears and baggage, why did You show me these brides first? Why the brides first?”

My heart flutters, and my face I am sure is flush, even now, as I recall His answer to my heart.

“Because you are My Bride.”

  He saw me as one of those beautiful brides of Joppa;

I was His bride and Jesus was my Groom.


I felt accelerated; I was sixteen years old again!

I literally experienced my youth being renewed as on eagle’s wings.

 From my heart, with tears of a joy, I asked Him to forgive me for doubting Him.

Whatever He had in store for me and the trip, as His bride, I would trust Him for every step of the way.

And there, after a year and half of planning, praying, and 9000 miles of travel, my journey began…as a bride.


 “My Beloved speaks and says to me: ‘Arise, My love, My beautiful one, and come away…”Song of Solomon 2:13

I pray you are blessed today knowing, 

you too,

in His Love,

are a bride of the Beloved.




Whisked Away in Love

2016-02-16 Whisked Away map 3201

“Five years have come and gone

To counting days;

To be



High above the clouds that fly;

Ocean blue

Beneath the sky.


Whisked away on heights above,

Jacob’s heritage

Revealed in


Israel 2011”


“…then you shall delight in the LORD,

And I will make you ride on the heights

Of the earth;

I will feed you with the heritage of

Jacob your father,

For the mouth of the

LORD has spoken.”

Isaiah 58:14 (ESV) 


Celebrating and remembering,

The Five Year Anniversary,

Of our trip to the Promise Land.


Jaffa, Israel
Joppa, Israel

My whole life changed the day

I said, “Yes” in my heart.

Chains of fear were broken;

Bonds of dependency were released.

In this new found freedom,

The depth of His love has never ceased.

 noon waters 2011 N0180 (2)

"And now send men to Joppa and bring one Simon who is called Peter. He is lodging with one Simon, a tanner, whose house is by the seaside." Acts 10:5-6 (ESV)
“And now send men to Joppa and bring one Simon who is called Peter. He is lodging with one Simon, a tanner, whose house is by the seaside.” Acts 10:5-6 (ESV)

I pray you are blessed by some of the

Photos and travel experiences learned

Along the way.


Returning Rest

“When there’s sickness in the house,

You’re not worried.

When darkness encompasses about,

You’re not worried.

When the day looms ahead,

I’m caught up in dread;

You’re not worried.

For You are God.


Nothing takes You by surprise.

Let it be

You’re Peace I see.




In Your

Care for me.”

“In returning and rest you shall be saved;

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

Isaiah 30:15 (NKJV)


poem by denisebalog©

Extravagant Love


“Set my heart on things above;

To be transformed in

Jesus love.”

 “Observe how Christ loved us.

His love was not cautious but extravagant.

He didn’t love in order to get something from us

but to give everything

of Himself

to us.”

Ephesians 5:2 (The Message)


poem by denisebalog©


The Hope of “Romantic Love”

The last one to share. This essay really touched my heart. I pray you have been blessed reading the thoughts and hearts of fifth grade children.

Fifth Grade Boy

“Romantic love to me means: someone who you care enough for that you’d do anything for and they care enough for you to do the same thing, or family. As some people like to call it, that is what I call romantic love is: never wanting to be away from one certain person, that’s what romantic love is to some people.

To all romantic love is the thing that bonds people together. To some it is hope, it is the thing that everybody needs, without it, we’d be lost, we would be emotionless robots.”

Written by a Fifth grade boy in a single parent house.

Love is in the air in Elementary!
Love fills the air in Elementary!


Writing Prompt #2 – “Romantic Love” – Hugs in Elementary


Fifth Grade Girl
Romantic Love #2  

“You might think Romantic Love is mushy and gross but im shure when you get older you will be interested.

Take your perents as an example my perents have been maired for about 15 years. You have to have a bond with someone. Its not about how cute they are its about what you like about him or her. If I was looking for a guy I would want someone who is helpful, smart, sweet, loyal, honest, understanding and sporty.

Some people have been mairied for 75 they ate at the same table and sleep in the same bed. They love each other a lot. They have a bond.”

Written by a Fifth grade girl in a two parent house.

Married 12 plus years
Married 12 plus years

Whom is This? – Daniel “AND” the 6th letter Vav

Continuing with Daniel…

Daniel begins to describe Jesusjoining or securing the pieces together of what he saw.

“His body was like beryl, his face like the appearance of lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude.” Daniel 10: Verse 6.

Vav - 6th Hebrew letter Word picture - nail, peg, or spike Meaning: joined, to secure, safety, to add, protection. Can you see the "nail" or "spike"?

Vav – 6th Hebrew letter
Word picture – nail, peg, or spike
Meaning: joined, to secure, safety, to add, protection.
Can you see the “nail” or “spike”?

Six (6) is commonly denoted for the number of man.

On the sixth day man was created.

Man has six (6) motions: forward, backward, left, right, up, and down.

Daniel was seeing Jesus in His “man” identity.

Daniel description of Jesus is also seen in Revelations 1:12-15.

 “his body like the beryl, a precious stone of a sky-colour…His voice was loud and strong – the voice of God can over power the voice of people.” Quote by Matthew Henry

Isaiah speaking of Jesus:

“And I will fasten Him like a peg in a secure place, and He will become a throne of honor to His Father’s house.” Isaiah 22:23

Jesus hands and feet were pierced with “nails” thereby securing for us a place in His Father’s house. Amen!

“Then Jesus said… “Put your finger here, and see My hands; and put out your hand, and place in My side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” John 20:27

May the voice you hear be as fresh rushing springs, bringing Life to all you do and say!



Fresh rushing waters of Jordan - Tel Dan, Israel
Fresh rushing waters of Jordan – Tel Dan, Israel



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