19 thoughts on “Hugs in Elementary – Friendship”

    1. Yes, if we could only be as excited as they are in the simple pleasures of walking together with our fellow brother in peace and joy! Thank you for stopping by to share your comment:) blessings, denise

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    1. Thank you EttsD:) I am honored you would nominate me for an award. I do not normally participate in awards because of the time factor. If I recall, this one in return nominates others they enjoy or have been inspired by. I would certainly love to honor my other neighbors who are an inspiration. Working in Elementary we are in the midst of the rush towards the last day which seems distance from a April point of view! Lol Nevertheless, I will try to see if participating is possible for me. May you be blessed with the kindness you have extended to me:) denise

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      1. I understand completely Denise. It’s the same for me, so I usually just make note of the nomination and do it when I have some time. But really the whole idea is, like I said, networking. It’s also a great way for bloggers who are just starting to gain exposure 🙂
        Happy Blogging!

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  1. This is the perspective of Godly Love and beauty of childhood many of us are fighting prayerfully to see maintained as programs are being introduced into schools that want to destroy this. Innocence of childhood. A Sacred Gift. Beautiful blog.

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    1. Thank you Faye:) Completely agree, we fight to maintain Love in our school. Even those who call themselves “godly” many times seek destroy the simplicity of the message of Love. Distorting with many rules and regulations, forgetting the “heart”. Children are so trusting, I understand more and more the teaching of Jesus, ” lest you cause one of these to fall, better for a milestone around your neck.” God’s love is not heavy or burdensome,but gentle and caring in all our ways. May we always remember to reflect the Love and gentleness upon the children, no matter the age or background. For their Father loves each one. God bless Faye:)


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