Prepared to Cry

2016-05-21  2142footsteps

To see injustice

Where I walked on by.

To feel Compassion,

Where I closed my eyes.

To hear the children,

Where I once was deaf.

To weep the tears,

Where I once just left.

To feel the piercing

 Of the heart,

Where I once was bitter

From the start.


To intercede,

Where I never would.

To extend the hand,

Where it can do some good.

To hear Your voice

Over the din.

To be brand new

Where I once was sin.


To drink the cup,

Where I passed it by.

To have the mind of Christ

Is to prepare to cry.”


“Jesus wept.”

John 11:35 (ESV)

Originally posted as we began the school year,

A heartfelt cry at the end.

poem by denisebalog

Author: DeniseBalog

Denise Balog is a southern Oklahoma based photographer specializing in high school seniors and families.

31 thoughts on “Prepared to Cry”

    1. Thank you Sarah:) Feel free to share or post. I posted this on my own Facebook wall and didn’t want to over do by posting on the “Wall” you see. Thank you for visiting and letting me know you had opportunity to read. As I have gone through a heart break and storm, wanted to share with my family and friends who for sure see the post. Wow! You have been on the road for awhile! Happy trails!

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    1. Absolutely!! From His hand to yours, for His Glory! I thank you for love, friendship and encouragement Susan. We may be earthly bound now, with distance of land between us, but oh the glorious eternity we get to share together praising our King! He is a good, good Father:) xoxo

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  1. Yes indeed. Things change when we view the world with the mind of Christ. We see, we feel, we pray, we suffer and laugh in a whole new way. That is why I must have one day where I can simply sit and let God the Holy Spirit lead and direct my prayers. Otherwise the grieving for the children, the dying and the cruelty would be overwhelming. Surrendering and praying from the perspective of Heaven is both liberating but life enhancing. Thank you for blog always touching. Beautiful poem!

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  2. Oh yes, so beautiful and heartfelt! Shedding tears with you as we realize we can only do so much as we pray for these dear, precious and innocent little ones (and some not so little)!

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