Bayou Bill – Remembering Tropical Depression “Bill” – One Year Ago

Cow rescued.


Like many, my family and I ventured to the Bayou to see for ourselves the rising waters resulting from Tropical Depression “Bill”.



Instead of the depression surrounding this devastating weather event, we witness


American values, respect, and bravery.


Neighbors helping neighbors saving livestock, livelihoods and demonstrating who we are Americans.


“This Nation under God” – Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address and inscribed on Lincoln Memorial

Photos captured by denisebalog 6/18/15

11 thoughts on “Bayou Bill – Remembering Tropical Depression “Bill” – One Year Ago”

  1. Never stop praying and believing that America will return to its heritage of One Nation under God. (The deception is world-wide) but it is in disaster that we see time and time again the pulling together and the best in every nation. In Australia as weather disasters seem to be on the increase time and time again I too pray and believe that Australia plus all the islands of the South Pacific will become what was proclaimed so long ago. ‘The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit’. Peace and Strength to you and yours. Christ’s Kingdom will one day come! It is written! Interesting and informative blog, Thanks.

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