Washington Rain

Washington Rain
Washington Rain

Rain continues here this morning at my house in the middle of the heartland. Thoughts of tomorrow and our Country fill my mind. I pray you are blessed with a re-post of a poem from a trip to Washington, D.C.

Washington Rain

“Washington in the rain;

I would not refrain,

nor be hesitant to do.


The City of White,

a magnificent sight;

she shows off her

red, white and blue.


The Monuments too,

reflecting their view,

are seen all around;

their the talk of the town!


Sunshine or rain,

the message the same;


May God bless you!”


Poem by denisebalog©

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

10 thoughts on “Washington Rain”

  1. God will bless America BUT perhaps there needs a bit of breaking to bring your great land back to its destiny. IN GOD WE TRUST. (not money, not power, not politics, not sex, BUT His Will and His Purpose. Only in the Prince of Peace HIMSELF is there any lasting Peace. I am praying re this election. Someone (as President) that God can bring to their knees and His Purposes be accomplished.

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    1. Amen Faye, if my people will humble themselves and call upon My Name, I will hear and save them. Of all elections I remember, Americans are praying in this one. We do not want to become a “world order”. We are Americans, the land of the strong and the brave. We call upon His strength to see us to the coming of His Kingdom day. Thank you for your prayers for our beloved America.


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