The Subtle Bridge

Scripture First Mentions –
Between the words “Separate” and “Servant”
is the “serpent”.

Separate – Jesus calls – Come follow Me.

Servant – our hearts are opened to His.

but right there in the middle…is the “serpent”
“who was more subtle than any beast…” Genesis 3:1


“…who was more subtle…” comes in many forms.

Sickness, distractions, the list can go as far as that bridge pictured.

With that said, my husband is on the road to recovery from surgery. Yesterday I was very concerned because it was not going as “quickly” as I thought recovery should be heading. As for myself, I made a doctor appointment -right ear continues from sinus issues.

My heart is “separated” to desire, but the “serpent” who is more subtle…has placed many distractions before this “servant.”

(I had to cancel the house Bible study meeting this evening)

One last “word”. Jesus is SO sweet to encourage us in our daily walk.

One small word is placed before the word ‘serpent’ in the Concordance.

Seraiah” 2 Samuel 8:17
“who was the scribe

Definition – Jah has prevailed. The name of 9 Israelites – and was mentioned in the context of one who served in King David’s administration.

Thank You Jesus, in Your tenderness, there still room to serve in the King’s administration and court. I loved the number 9…Nine fruits of the Spirit; nine gifts of the Spirit; and oh yea, been studying on the NINE candlestick lamp the Menorah!

Light the way my King!
Jesus, You are the Servant Lamp!!


Photos taken in Africa by my friend L.C. who, even in with her health issues and concerns, continues to serve in the Kingdom.

11 thoughts on “The Subtle Bridge”

    1. Good to hear from you Susan:) I have to admire you, and all who work and do college too! Son taking college courses and there sure is a lot of details to complete each course! I am actually “thinking” of beginning too! Never to late to jump in and achieve something new! Blessings my friend, denise


    1. Nice to have family:) I am a “caregiver” to my Mom too, but she is continues strong and healthy. She lives in her own house here on our property, but eats lunch and dinner here. It is good for our teenage boy to be raised eating dinner around the table with mixed generations. We talk, not text! Lol Enjoy your travels!! Good to touch base again! Denise

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    1. Thank you Mobilyfriendly:) You kinda comment reminds me of a Woody Allen quote, “Nothing as sad as a missed opportunity.” I like to go to new places too, but I sure can talk myself out of leaving my safety zone of home!! Yep, I can have a list as subtle as the bridge is long!! Thank you for stopping by to visit me:) blessings, denise

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  1. Have missed seeing blogs from you in recent days. Great to see you. Appreciate sentiment expressed. Hope health and peace for you and your husband is right on the horizon. Personally I am longing for some ‘cooler’ weather. This endless summer heat is really draining my life this year. Perhaps its a sign of getting older Thank God He is the unchangeable ONE……..ALL SEASONS IN LIFE AND IN THE NATURAL WORLD. Peace and blessings to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Faye:) Yes, the demands of care giving can easily get me off track. I am also a care giver to my Mom. Meals and such. We love the blessings of a snuggling winter day, but then the cold wears on us. We enjoy summer but agree, it can become as burdensome as the cold. I guess that is why we have to find our peace in Him because we tend to never be satisfied! Lol Thank you for stopping by neighbor! Blessings, denise


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