Words of Peace


– If it doesn’t edify,

Let it die. –


“Therefore let us pursue the things that make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.” Romans 14:19 NKJV

Love words


Quote from Meadow Dancing – denisebalog

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Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

12 thoughts on “Words of Peace”

    1. Hello Faye:) Yes, I had to mull on these and catch my tongue before it throws out a dart to do harm or damage! Unfortunately the ones generally in our line of fire are those who live close to us. Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate your kind comments and insights:)


    1. Thank you Debbie L! That is exactly how I reacted when this came to my heart and spirit! I truly do not want to add to the death of hurtful words we hear daily! Blessings to you neighbor and thank you for stopping by!! denise

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  1. Powerful, Denise. Words are powerful… I was listening to a teaching early today on how LOVE builds up… it edifies. And if we are IN God and abiding in Him, since He IS love and His love is LIFE, we should always edify others…and give ‘life’…otherwise, we contribute to ‘death’.

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    1. Yes Susan, I believe you are right! In this world with so much hate and hard words, we could all be uplifted and encouraged with words that “edify”:) I love how you heard a teaching on this earlier today!! I received this “thought” as I was out walking in my Orchard/Meadow speaking forth words of praise!! Truly “Death and life are in the power of the tongue!” Proverbs 18:21 Thank you my friend for stopping by and sharing!!

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