Light Will Shine on Your Ways

“Season of beginnings

And brand new.

But first;

Graduation’s path of time to embrace, and

Walk on through.”


“You will decide on a matter, and it

Will be established for you, and

Light will shine on your ways.”

Job 22:28 (ESV)


“For everything there is a season…

A time to be born,

A time to plant,

A time to heal,

A time to laugh,

A time to dance,

A time to embrace.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1-6


Celebrating our Son’s High School Graduation today!


Poem by denisebalog©

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

7 thoughts on “Light Will Shine on Your Ways”

    1. Thank you Faye:) Our boy continues to grow into the man he destined to be. We are proud of his choices as he as walked his path so far. We rejoice in the time we have shared and experienced these past school years, and with anticipation look forward to all the good plans and purpose God has in store for him. Our natural man generally hates change. As this year has progressed we have been guiding him to “embrace” change and in doing so there is Peace:) blessings my friend! Denise


    1. Wow! Thank you Founder of ilovemusic! Your comment is such an encouragement to me! I have been so busy enjoying and embracing this season of our only child’s Graduation, I have not written a thing!! Yes, new “season” is beginning and I am encouraged to “write” on!! Thank you!! denise

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    1. Thank you Maysa Rose!! Job 22:28 was the Scripture given way back when we had to make a hard decision in 3rd grade. God has been Faithful every step of our son’s life and in all his ways! We were hoping to illuminate this in his Graduation announcement photograph:) Thank you for stopping by and the blessing of your comment!!

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