Summer’s Glory

“Labor Day weekend,

Sunny warm sky.

Roll out summer’s glory,

Soon time to say, “Goodbye”.”


“Yours is the day,

Yours also the night;

You have established the heavenly lights and the sun.

You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth;

You have made summer and winter.”

Psalm 74:16-17 (ESV)


Poem by denisebalog©2017

Photo captured by denisebalog©2017

8 thoughts on “Summer’s Glory”

    1. I know!! We only had a very few, I mean 1 or 2 days of fall temps here in southern Oklahoma. I am so looking forward to leggins’, sweaters and boots!! Not snow boots though!! I do enjoy the snow, but for months on end. Living here in the warmer temperatures does have me spoiled for days when you do not have to use coats and such. Cooler would be a delightful change and a wonderful way to truly welcome fall! Thank you for stopping by and visiting Susan:) xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are brave for sure!! This neck of the woods doesn’t do snow and boots well at all!! Doesn’t come often enough and they really try to do shorts as long as they can! I enjoy the change of seasons and the cloths that go with each:)


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