Beginning the “Quest”

“What do You have in store?

“Romantic” encounters

Behind open doors?

An adventure awaits with

Each turn of the day.

For in this season of “questions”

You teach us to pray. –

“Our Father in heaven,

Hallowed be Your name.

Your Kingdom come.

Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread…” Matthew 6:9 NKJV

As it is in heaven,

Let this time we share be as

Spiritual leaven.”


I am beginning the Bible Study

“The Quest” by Beth Moore – ISBN 978-1-4627-6660-4 – Item #005796350

Lifeway Church Resources, Nashville, TN

Poem by denisebalog©2017

Photo by denisebalog©2017

Author: DeniseBalog

Denise Balog is a southern Oklahoma based photographer specializing in high school seniors and families.

4 thoughts on “Beginning the “Quest””

      1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, we invite other women from the surrounding community to come for a day to learn more about Jesus. Many have had their lives and hopeless situations when they have made the time to hear about Him. He never disappoints when we gather to Him:) Love hearing from you!

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