America – My Father’s Pride

Remembering my Dad and those who serve and continue to serve today. Thank you!

denisebalog...Grace filled devotionals.

Korean War Veteran's at Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC Korean War Veteran’s at Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC


My Father’s pride.

Oh, how he loved to serve by your side.

Fathers, Sons, and Daughters too,

Laid their lives down to fight for you.

If truth be told, they’d tell you so,

If called to arms, they’d willingly go.


The proud, the strong, integrity bound,

In serving you,

America was found.”



Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial

World War II Memorial World War II Memorial

Let us not forget our Son;s and Daughters of Liberty - The American War for Independence! Let us not forget our Son;s and Daughters of Liberty – The American War for Independence!

Photos captured in Washington, DC at War Memorials

Poem by denisebalog©

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Author: DeniseBalog

Denise Balog is a southern Oklahoma based photographer specializing in high school seniors and families.

6 thoughts on “America – My Father’s Pride”

    1. Thank you Diana:) I am glad my Dad has gone on to Heaven and not here to see the Country he loves so disrespected. Dad loved history and taught us the value of know where we have been, the good and the mistakes we have made, and the hope of education and freedom to be all our children can desire to become. Without hope we perish. May you be blessed abundantly as you raise up your little man to embrace all the hope and bright future in the Land of Promise and home of the brave. Thank you for stopping by. I am always so honored when you visit.

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  1. Beautiful post. My dad and indeed many who sacrificed their lives in wars did so for God and country. May God indeed bless the nations of the world whose sons died in service when their hearts were for HIM. Australia….the great south land of the Holy Spirit may she remember that her history too in blood and sacrifice was forced and held also by faith in Christ and the Cross. 11.11 what a day to always remember and give thanks. I have just completed a book portraying the sorrows of the first world war and how it impacted here in my local town….. the lives of animals, mothers, little children etc. But, I also found true history of the amazing courage and faith which carried them through. Blessings and thank you. (if you are interested to see the short video.) God bless America and all who fought and died.

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    1. Thank you Lynn:) My Dad was in the Army (sign up at 15. Had his mother agree to let him go!) Then the Navy and in to the National Guard. We were raised to love God, our Country and our family. My heart burst with pride knowing he was in Germany during WWII. May be never forget or neglect to teach our history to our children. May God Continue to bless America that we would be a blessing to others.


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