Heart Dance

“Easy like Sunday morning”

I can hear the music’s strand.

Perfect heart and harmony

To dance upon the land.

Morning light,

Birds in flight,

The song of cooing doves.

“Easy like Sunday morning”,

All blessings from above.”

“His glory covered the heavens

And the earth was full of His Praise.”

Habakkuk 3:3 NKJV


Richie, Lionel. “Easy Like Sunday Morning”. Album Encore. 2002


Poem by denisebalog©2018

Photos captured by denisebalog©2017

8 thoughts on “Heart Dance”

  1. Denise, as you can see, I am stumbling forward. I thought when I didn’t see my post they weren’t going through. Sorry for the repeating stanza’s but they are all true so they bear repeating, and for that I am not sorry. Love and blessings to you my friend. Laurette

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    1. It is a daily learning process I stumble forward with each day. The best advice I received when I started was to go visit your neighbors. Read comments, make comments and on comments you enjoy from others on others sites, touch the comment and go visit them. Maybe become friends or “follow”. It is impossible to continue visiting everyone, just like in our own neighborhood, but you will begin to see your site grow. I have never tried to add ” followers ” based on numbers. God was never pleased with David for counting, but I have left it in His hands and have gone visiting 🙂 Blessings friend in your new territory!

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    1. Why thank you Carl 🙂 We seem to go from winter to summer so quickly here in Oklahoma with a breath Spring is gone. But my heart rejoices in each season and I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and joy 🙂 Blessings as you embrace the new season upon you.


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