Hidden Between the Rows

“What creepth here beneath the light;

Moving about without a sight?

Little frog,

Or cricket so.

A snake,

A bug,

I do not know.

You’ll keep me safe,

This I know,

As I till among my garden row.”


“I know all the birds of the hills,

And all that moves in the field is Mine.”

Psalm 50:11 (ESV)

Poem by denisebalog©

Photos by denisebalog©2018

2 thoughts on “Hidden Between the Rows”

  1. I love it! And it’s so apropos to me and resonates with me right now because recently, I discovered two baby copperhead snakes in my garden! Oh, no… Beautiful poetry, Denise, as always! This one reminds me a little of Emily Dickinson…I suppose that’s because of your subject. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Why thank you Lynn 🙂 Copperheads! Yes, I never go into the garden without boots on. We also can have snakes and I am always on the look out. Rosie is a wonderful partner who keeps watch over what’s what! I also keep a hoe near by to protect myself from snakes. I’ve used it twice this season, and had to call my husband to take care of a rattler early on with the good shot! Thank you for stopping by. I am having trouble with seeing post on my phone. I’ve tried to figure it out myself, but again, I guess I have to call in the ‘big gun” my husband who has a way with computers and tech stuff. Have a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂 xoxo


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