The Struggle of the Daily Post

Ok, so I was doing really good at preparing “daily posts”. Then technology got up in my business!

Long story short as they say, new phone in hand. It’s a dandy too, (thank you supportive husband) but gosh it has SO much more to learn and do.

With that said, thinking on this whole “move forward, fall backward” to no post at all, I am believing His Word,

“All things work for good according to His purpose” Romans 8:28 ( paraphrase I am sure)

I am going to learn how to post from my phone in addition to the comfortable, snuggly place of my desktop. Even if this new phone asked me one more time, “Do you want to allow…?”!

Thank you for “allowing” me the room to expand my posting ability in this new season of growth.



8 thoughts on “The Struggle of the Daily Post”

  1. well done even considering doing ‘blogs’ on your phone. Some folk think its great. Where I live my phone rarely works as a phone never mind trying to get it into any tech stuff. Its called a smart phone too!. I like reading your blogs no matter how you do them.
    Web sites are where my prime passion lies(its so much easier than a phone even if people just drop by and don’t comment. . For the interest of you of anyone else .. If you want to see what this (older lady) is trying to do…check out the video of me saying hello on page 2 golden-rains 2018

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  2. You’ll be fine, be patient! 🙂 if i can post from a phone, i believe nearly anyone can!! I swore i never would get onthe smartypantsphone bandwagon, now i have had two years of figuring two of them out, BEST WISHES!!!!

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    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes, “Smarty pants phone” has too much to say if you ask me! Lol And what about the question of “passwords’. Gheezee, this one drives me crazy when getting all moved in. Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

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      1. i had to go to Swipe to open, and that is how i LOST a phone that completely locked down the screen, i just dunno sometimes the Smartyness! I just figure it will work out, and of course now i have to find him one b4 his dies! oh well , commiserating here

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