Cat’s View

“Cats at the window

Bird’s in view.

Sunshine on the feeder,

Coffee in the brew.DSC_6765


Oh, I’ve enjoyed the season; rest and family time.

Open up the year LORD,

Direct my steps according to Thine.”


“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself…”Psalm 84:3 NKJV



“…make His footsteps out pathway.” Psalm 85:13 NKJV


Enjoying the last day before heading back to work.


Poem by denisebalogc2020

Photos captured from my “quiet time” space. dbdancingfreec2020

2 thoughts on “Cat’s View”

  1. Beautiful Denise. Thank you. What a blessing can posts be from folks like you who can look with eyes of love through the lens of where they currently are living. Indeed it is balm on my spirit this morning.

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    1. Why thank you Faye💕😊 Finishing up my day with a cup of hot tea and a cookie before time for bed. Miss seeing “my” babies at school. PreK to 2nd grade. I look forward to hearing all their wonderful stories through their eyes on Christmas 🎄💕 Enjoy your day! See you on the other side 😊


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