My Father’s Pride

“America, my Father’s pride.

Oh, how he loved to serve by your side.

Fathers, Sons, and Daughters too,

Laid their lives down to fight for you.

If truth be told, they’d tell you so,

If called to arms, they’d willingly go.

The proud, the strong, integrity bound,

In serving you,

America was found.”

Picture captured of my Dad back in the 70’s. Enlisting at a very early age, he was proud to serve in as a GI Joe in WWII in Germany. After the war he enlisted in the Navy and finished as a Sgt Major in the National Guard.

He taught me to love our Country, our history and never forget the price paid for freedom. This daughter is proud of my Father’s pride.

Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America!

Poem by denisebalog©2016

4 thoughts on “My Father’s Pride”

    1. Hello my beautiful friend Susan 💕 I have been thinking about you. I was able to post daily for the month of June and was hoping to see you. I LOVE your post and miss seeing them. Thank you for keeping my beloved America in prayer. 🙏🙏🙏 Good to hear from you 💕💕 Love, denise

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful poem. IT is an opportunity for us all to give thanks for the lands we we were born in and for ALL who brought the Gospel to us.Also from every land to thank GOD for our freedoms won by our forefathers.God BLESS America on their special day.

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