Arrows in the Daytime

Psalm 91:5 – Faith Pictures

Psalm 91:5

According to “Many Jewish scholars” verses 5 and 6 protection are “not merely to pestilence and natural dangers but to the realm of spiritual darkness that would come against God’s servants. These spirits are equated to “arrows that fly in daytime”. The Passion Translation. Foot note 91:6 Verses 5-6. {pg 875}

“You will never worry about an attack of demonic forces at night nor have to fear a spirit of darkness coming against you. Don’t fear a thing! Psalm 91:5 TPT

Amen! and Thank You Jesus!

“Unless the LORD guards the city,

The watchman stays awake in vain…

For so He gives His beloved sleep.”

Psalm 127:1&2 NKJV

2 thoughts on “Arrows in the Daytime”

  1. The ONE Who is with us in us and through us EMMANUEL makes even in our darkest moments in life an opportunity for the CHRIST-Light to shine. This is NOW my true testimony. A GLORIOUS GOD is the ONE we worship,

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