Sugar Eyes

What does our Secretary do all day?

“Do you want a flat mint or the poofy kind?” I would ask sweet Edwin at least once, and occasionally if he could swing it, twice during the day.

Edwin, a first grader, who with one look of his deep brown eyes could convince both teacher and secretary he really needed to take a quick classroom break.

His teacher and I didn’t realize we were both experiencing the same phenomenon. I believe it was some kind of unusal heart malfunction happening to us daily.

Now keep in mind, a first grader generally age 6, stands maybe 4 foot tall. They are at my eye level as I sit at my desk. Perfect height to capture my heart with a hug and a dose of “mint’itis”. Seems this condition happens with a few other kiddos throughout the week, but not like Edwin’s.

Yep, I’m a easy mark. I’d be busy working, lookup from the keyboard and there he would be standing next to me. With one look, “pop” the bottom drawer of the desk would open every time. His sugar eyes had the key.

Edwin’s artwork tickles my heart because if you look closely it appears I am wearing a party hat. I especially like it is in the fashionable cheetah print, another tickle because I do keep a bag of Cheetos stashed in the drawer too!

The pink, green, red and blue circles must be the paper flowers hanging from the ceiling. They seem to be leaving the definite impression on the kids there is partying taking place in the office all day! Lol

The little black marks, I’m would bet, are the new selection of Tootsie rolls recently added to the popular drawer.

They were a big hit with the other little sugar eyes students who could convinced their teachers they needed a break too, but not “my” Edwin. Oh he tried one a time or two, but he held the line. When asked, “Do you want a flat or poofy one?” he’d chose the basic, red and white, flat mint every time. ♥️

It’s only been about three weeks since school let out for summer and I sure miss seeing those deep brown, mint’itis eyes. 💕

Secretary note: Basic, red and white, flat mints are known to cure upset stomachs, sore throats, “I’m missing my mom and want to go home,” and yes, they are able to clear out the dread “wood chip” (remember the blowing winds) the “I have a wood chip in my eye” condition. 😁 A must have in any school secretaries drawer; good for all ages. 💕

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