I never started out to blog. My journey began when I fell in love with Jesus.

“He drew me up from the pit of despair;

turned my life right-side up with a Word of His love;

and the gentleness of His care.” 

Jesus invited me to Israel in 2011. My life changed…forever.

“Bride of Christ,

For the rest of my life.

Eternity with Him,

Who knew no sin.

Petals of pink to walk along the Way.

Falling deeper in love with my Jesus every day.” 

It was the Fathers’ good pleasure to reveal Jesus to me Psalm 119. His Holy Spirit guided through each of the twenty-two acrostic passages. I saw Him as the “Ox” my strong Savior and Sacrifice in the first Hebrew letter Alef. He revealed Himself as the Door in the letter Dalet. I couldn’t stop the journey; nor would I, until my heart was complete. He doubly blessed; bringing me back to Israel in 2014 to take pictures from the over-flow of His heart to mine. The book, “The King’s Highway – Jesus Revealed” was born.

I pray you are blessed with each page and post. My heart desires above all else, to be guided by His Holy Ghost.

Thank you stopping by and visiting. 




Poems by denisebalog

48 thoughts on “About”

  1. PS–I agree with one of your commenters, I too love that you include snippets of your poetry! I will be scattering some of my faith poetry throughout my posts (to fill in on days when maybe my inspiration is less than brilliant!).

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  2. Oh, I love it here already!!! 2011 was a pivotal year for many of us, apparently–you went to Israel, and I had a visitation by the Holy Trinity that changed my clueless, stagnant faith life forever. God is GOOD!!! And as soon as I saw mention by you of the Hebrew alphabet, I wanted to ask if you’re familiar with Pastor Joseph Prince (Singapore)? If not–besides being known as the “radical grace preacher”, he teaches a lot about the “picture” alphabet–as well as Greek and Hebrew, and from both Old and New Testament. I learned about him in 2011 by of all people, my Christian maintenance guy! I’m also gaining MUCH from Pastor John Gray at Joel Osteen’s church (I “do” church online, due to health issues–and have a small handful of pastor/teachers I’m high on, as they’re clearly anointed by God to send out His Word of hope and encouragement). I’m adding you to my nightly prayers for blessing from our wonderful Father God and Lord Jesus:)

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    1. In 2008, the Lord brought the Pastor Princes book Destine to Reign in to my life! After fighting the Truth of the beautiful Gospel for so long, by Grace I was set free to worship and begin to learn about Jesus! Out from under law! Because of Joseph Princes ministry, God opened the door for me to go to Israel! I NEVER ever had the desire or thought to go! I have followed Pastor Prince since. Leading me to my own Grace and Holy SPIRIT anointed Church. I have to travel 30 miles to get there, but there is no substitute for the living water of the Holy Spirit! Yes, Hebrew opened up through Pastor Joe’s teaching! LOVE it! I am SO excited we have met! Prayers for you my new found sister in Christ! denise


      1. Ohhhh, now I’m jumping up and now with JOY!!!! Yes! to be freed from legalism is so HUGE and transformative–I’m so thankful that Finally, the church is waking up!!! The proof that Pastor “Joe” is preaching God’s message is in those great testimony letters he shares–lives changed, people freed from awful bondage through God’s GRACE, not by “trying harder”. Oh Wow! I’m way excited to meet you–feel like God sent me a wonderful present today–yaaayyy!!! God bless you BIG!!

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    1. Thank you Julie (aka Cookie) :):):) Your message is so lovely, you have blessed my heart:) Yes, Merry Christmas to you too! I look forward to sharing our faith and enjoying a sweet “cookiecrumb” or two:) blessings:) denise


      1. Thank you Kacy:) Gosh, seems I have just now found this ‘Comment” section on the “Site Preview” page. I am so sorry for not responding to you back in July 2016! Thank you for stopping by!! blessings, denise


  3. I see Jesus’ Grace and your total devotion for him in your Blog.
    Thanks for visiting me and commenting so beautifully.
    You love to be my neighbor.
    Of-course I love too.
    It means you have understood fully what I meant in that Post of ‘Thus Spake Jesus…….
    When I got such a beautiful , graceful and devotional neighbor who follows me and if I do not follow her that would amount to a Sin.
    Right now I click the Follow button.

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  4. What an inspiring blog! thanks for the follow that led me to you 🙂 will definitely come back to visit, many blessings from the Philippines

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    1. Thank you Estelea! I would like to go to Singapore one day…Asia and Pacific seems another world away! One of the joys of blogging, connecting with others throughout our world:) ps: I am Italian too. Blonde, but pasta runs deep in my blood:)

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      1. I adore your last sentence 😀
        I haven’t visited Singapore yet but I heard it is incredibly developed and … Clean! Let me know if you plan to pass by the Philippines someday 🙂
        You re so right, blogging is such a great way to travel and meet wonderful people, i love this energy!

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    1. Thank you Jacqueline. I am learning to find my voice and share more of my heart in this place we call “blogging”. Thank you for stopping by and the encouraging word:) I will come visit you during my ” blogging” time:) Blessings

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    1. Hello Isabella:) Oh the delight of my heart to see I’ve made a friend all the way in Norway! I love your blog too! I could not find a place to make av”comment” or two. I tried each of the Page links, but they did not budge. I wanted you to know I scrolled through the site and find it filled with love!! Blessings!!

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      1. Thank you so much Denise. Greetings from Norway to you my new friend in Oklahoma:)<3 I am so grateful you found my blog to be filled with love. That is what I try to do. If you click on the header of the blog-post you are supposed to be able to like and leave a comment below. Have a blessed day<3 Love, Isabella


      2. If you feel like it;) Now you have already given more wonderful feedback here, need not do more. Thank you:)


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