Heart to Understand


Lord may my,

“Mind to be opened,

Ear to hear,

Heart to understand;

Hand to receive,

Foot to stand.

For on bended knee in the Garden,

You fulfilled the Father’s plan.”


“For I have come down from heaven,

Not to do my own will but

The will of Him Who sent me.” John 6:38


Morning prayer poem by denisebalog©

Photos captured in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem, Israel

Would it make a difference?

Sunday Morning

“What if I chose not to go,

to stay at home, another – no show?

Would it make a difference,

would my Savior care,

if I stay at home, and wasn’t there?

Would the songs be missing one small voice,

because I decide to stay in bed by choice?

If one less hand a midst the sea,

raised in worship and praise to Thee?

Would the prayers be less pronounced,

as they say “Amen” in the Father’s house?

Would it make a difference if I wasn’t there,

Dear sweet Jesus, do You really care?

I heard Him whisper softly to me,

“Don’t shy away in fear you see,

I died for you to Come to Me.”

by denisebalog©