At the door of Dalet

What was “the word of the LORD” that “came to Abram.”? Genesis 15:1

“Fear not Abram, I AM your Shield, your exceedingly great reward.” Genesis 15:2

  • Spending time in the “word” will significantly change your direction and course. Opening up doors of hope to all the good plans God has for your life. –

Now, there is a “word” I can receive “within my heart” at the door of Dalet!

Resting in Jesus, my “Shield and exceedingly great reward!” Genesis 15:2

Dalet  –  ד – door, direction and path enlightened in the word “Dabar”

(daw-bawr)  [דבר] Strong’s Concordance #1697


Photo of the high priest breastplate or “shield” described in Exodus 28:15-29