Warm Fleecy Pajamas

Warming off

After a full day of activities,

and wearing

warm fleecy pajamas,

on P.J. day at school,

(as we were preparing to

pack up to leave for the year),

the principal’s granddaughter

stepping outside

into the cool of the air


“Mimi, I’m “warming off!”

“Mimi, I’m warming off!” 


Mrs. J. and I 


Thought about what

Rainee said, and

“giggled with joy”

as children!


I am always amazed

at a child’s “point of view!”

Reminding me once again,

of Jesus’ words to

“become like children.” Matthew 18:2


God’s view doesn’t see things the way we do.

Who’s to say she’s not “warming off?”

When you think about,

Isn’t that what she’s really doing?

I feel better now!
I feel better now!


“For MY thoughts are not your


Neither are your ways

My ways,

Declares the LORD”

Isaiah 55:8 (ESV)

Relax, Let go, Cease, Know…

Good morning Lord,

Here I am pre-dawn.

Pencil in hand,

early morn.

Holy ground,

is where I’m found.


Socks removed;

open to You.

Speak a Word

my ears can hear.

Draw me closer

Your presence near.


Holy ground,

pre-dawn with You.

Shoes removed,

agenda too.”

poem by denisebalog

“Be still,

and know

that I Am God.”

Psalm 46:11 (ESV)

“Still” – raphah (raw-faw’)

  • A word on man’s head to behold.
Be still and behold
“…I AM God.” Psalm 46:10

Life Truth:

When I cease,

He speaks.

The Wonder of His Complete Simplicity

The Wonder of His Simplicity
The Wonder of His Complete Simplicity

My friend texted

last night.

 A few years back,

we prayed together,


the Lord to move

and work in a

specific area in her life.


In His timing, 

with no fanfare

or headline news,


He has opened

the door

for us to see

this request

brought to fruition. 


In complete awe, and


of God’s hand, and

His willingness to

Hear and


the following words

were penned in my

morning prayer. 

 “Lord, You are

not about


You are about


Going about

and doing


to those

Who need

a touch from You.

A miracle of


A Word of

Comfort too.

You are



And I worship


Poem by denisebalog

As is my nature,

I went looking to see if the word,


Is found in the Concordance.

Yes, what a surprise

and more amazing,

its definition!


“Simplicity – #8537 – tom (tome) (Strong’s Concordance)

“A masculine noun meaning – completeness, integrity – full, integrity,

Perfect, simplicity, upright.

See #8550 – Tummiym – perfections…one of the epithets

of the objects in

The high-priest’s breastplate

as an Emblem

of complete Truth – Thummim.” 

The high-priest breastplate.
The high-priest breastplate.


I encourage you to

Continue to pray.


in His


to answer





And Truth!

In Jesus Name,



The Hebrew letters for Simplicity

tom – are Tav, Mem

Tav – CrossMiracle, Sign, Covenant

Mem – WaterHoly Spirit’s movement

Simplicity – the Miracle or Sign of the Holy Spirits’ Movement.

Hebrew Word pictures can be seen

on the Menu bar under

“Alphabet Letter Chart”

on my Homepage. 


Looking for Peace is Illuminated

As I thought about what profile photo

would best replace the red, white and blue flag

in support of France on my personal Facebook wall,

this photo, taken on Mount Carmel,

was tucked away inside my Israel 2014 trip file.

Looking up the place in Scripture,

it is the site where Elijah confronts

Ahab and the 400 prophets.


After posting,

I glanced down the page,

and this verse was “illuminated”.

“How long will you go limping

between two different opinions?”

If the LORD is God, follow Him…”

1 Kings 18:21


Yes, in the midst of so much turmoil

and world conflict,

His Word continues to offer peace and direction.


“…and the God Who

answers by fire,

He is God.”

1 Kings 18:24


The “fire” is the “shadow” of

The Holy Spirit.

And I choose NOT to go

“Limping between two different opinions,”

The LORD is God

and I will follow Him.

In Jesus Name,


Standing in the Peace of Praise!

The trip to the Holy Land is grueling.

Eleven days of hard pushing.

No vacation for the seeking pilgrim.

My friend found her way to “stand”

through the opposition of

hard pressed.


 – Crawling out of bed,

falling to her knees.

Carpet fibers mixed

with muddled words

of pain and prayer.

“Lord, how do I

make it though

this day?”

“How do I stand?”

 From the depths of where

Peace resides,

She rises.

Not in her

Own power or will.

She “stands” in His. –


“Stand” Hebrew – natsab (naw-tsab’) Strongs #5324

Noon, Tsadik, Bet  [נצב]

This is what I visually see when I look and read the letters.

- Life activity - Noon - 14 Hebrew letter life, life activity Picture of a fish or believer
– Life activity –
Noon – 14 Hebrew letter
life, life activity
Picture of a fish or believer
-Caught up in Praise- Hebrew #18 to catch, desire, to grasp, "to praise" - Picture of a "hook or fishhook"
-Caught up in Praise-
Hebrew #18
to catch, desire, to grasp,
“to praise” – (can you see the lifted hands?)
Picture of a “hook or fishhook”
- from the heart - #2 - Bet - Within, heart, begin to, build, family Picture of a "tent or house"
– within the heart! –
#2 – Bet –
Within, heart, begin to,
build, family (Can you see the tent opening?)
Picture of a “tent or house”


Life activity – caught up in praise – within the heart!

“Stand” – natsab (naw-tsab’)

Verb: to station, settle, sharpen, to take a stand.


The power is not in the activity of standing.

It’s in the Peace of praise

Stationed within the heart.


“I’m thanking You, God,

From a full heart,

I’m writing the book

On Your wonders.

I’m whistling,


And jumping

For joy;

I’m singing

Your song,

Holy God.”

Psalm 9:1 (The Message)

Photo capturing my friend

“Standing” in “praise”

On top of Mount Carmel.

The place the Prophet Elijah,

“Seized the prophets of Baal;

let not one of them escape.”

1 Kings 18:40 (ESV)

Israel, February 2014

May you be encouraged to

“Stand” – natsab (naw-tsab’)

Bringing down the strongholds in

life through the power of

Life activity of Praise from within

Your heart!

blessings, denise


I Will Comfort You in Jerusalem

Encouraged again by neighbor Butterfly Mind


and her post on a favorite pillow, her words brought

my comfort or Promise blanket to mind.

In an attempt to write, as with a pencil, and

Not a keyboard…here goes!


“As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

So the LORD surrounds His people.” Psalm 125:5 

I was going to Jerusalem
I was going to Jerusalem

Yep, that’s the verse. In 2010 the Lord invited me to Jerusalem.

At first thought, my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

After the initial burst of joy, and my mind took over,

Fear set in.

But it was too late,

the Scripture had dropped down into my spirit,

And I knew that I knew, I was going to Israel.


I came up with a million and one reasons why

this was not possible for me to go to Israel.

Keep in mind, I am a girl from Philadelphia who has traveled.

I flew the first time in 1967, by myself no less.

My husband and I, while living in Southern California,

flew the back and forth to Philly many times.

My folks drove us as kids up and down the east coast

every summer visiting family from here to there.

So why was I unable to do this?

And what does this have to do with a blanket?

Flying into Philadelphia
Flying into Philadelphia


One morning in prayer and distress at the

Prospect of the pending trip in the air,

I cried out to the Lord, and He gave me,


“As one whom his mother comforts,

So I will comfort you;

You will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13


So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13
So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13

I felt better, but the real truth was

“Lord, what happens when I am in the middle

Of the 9000 mile journey, in the air, I know

the evil one is going to tell me I made a mistake.

I heard wrong. I am SCARED…I can’t do this!”

9000 mile journey


He reminded me what Jesus answered

when the ol’ snake attempted to do

the same to Him. Jesus spoke,

“It is written…” 

It is written...Matthew 4:4
It is written…Matthew 4:4

So it began…I bought the most comfy fabric

I could find. Thinking I could write the words,

But the pen didn’t work very well on fleece.

So I started to stitch the words.

I thought, I would never finish one verse!


With each stitch, the Words were beginning

To become engraved on my heart.

And from His faithfulness and comfort

My Promise blanket became alive with hope.

And not one good promise failed!
And not one good promise failed!

 May I share a few verses…

I asked why He would want to bring me there.

Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24
Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24

He was faithful! I was not sick, not one day!!


I complained I didn’t understand what He was doing.

I would understand later.

What I AM doing...John 13:7
What I AM doing…John 13:7

We talked about how long the journey would take..

Its an eleven day journey Lord!

(As if He didn’t know this!)

And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1
And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1

Lord, how will I ever make this whole trip?

(I remember thinking on the bus…

I’m not ready to go home!)

Shall I not...cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9
Shall I not…cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9

Lord, what about my responsibilities at home?

Mary has chosen...Luke 10:42
Mary has chosen…Luke 10:42

My Prince of Peace…

Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

gave me this verse on Easter morning.

“Go to Galilee…there you will see Me”

(I wept like a baby in the Jesus Boat 

gift shop on the Sea of Galilee)

Do not be afraid...go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10
Do not be afraid…go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10

And the by the time the trip was ready to depart

on February 16, 2011…I was seeing myself

“Walking about Zion!”

Walk about Zion...Psalm 48:12
Walk about Zion…Psalm 48:12

In the LOVE of my Father,

He brought me to His land of Promise.

Love - ahabah - Tav-Aleph
Love – ahabah – Tav-Aleph

and with a desire and new seed planted

in my heart, I believe I will go again!

Let us go at once...I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23
Let us go at once…I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23

“Let us go at once to entreat the favor of the 

LORD and to see the LORD of hosts;

I myself am going!”

Tel Aviv - March 2014
Tel Aviv – March 2014

Not my Jacob…

Not My Jacob
Not My Jacob

This morning I went looking for Jacob.

Abraham’s Jacob.

What his name meant in the Hebrew word pictures.

I want to be right in step.

I want to make my decisions to do something by walking in the Spirit. Galatians 5:16

With my “Spiritual” man, my “Israel” (the name given Jacob after wrestling with God through the night – Genesis 32:28.)

Not my “Jacob”, my own self-will.


Jacob “Ya aqob (yah-ak-obe’) Yood, Ayin, Koof, Bet

Jacob – God’s hand, to see, to know the depth of our heart.


God knew Jacob, even as ornery as he could be.

(Jacob was known for some slick dealings with his brother Esau – Genesis 25:33 and Genesis 27:35)

God guided, protected, and prospered Jacob,

In-spite of himself.


Yes, Lord, I desire above all else,

You guide me on all the right paths and decisions in life.

You see what I am from the depth of my heart.

You see what I will become, in-spite of my “Jacob.”


“The heart of man plans his way,

But the LORD establishes his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)



Sharing my journey in Scripture;

and the Hebrew word pictures.


I would love to hear your journey.

Blessings, denise

Washington Rain

Arrived home safely from early June family vacation in Washington, D.C. Over the next few days, I would like to share some of our reflections and sights.

“Washington in the rain;

I would not refrain,

nor be hesitant to do.


The City of White,

a magnificent sight;

she shows off her

red, white and blue.


The Monuments too,

reflecting their view,

are seen all around;

their the talk of the town!


Sunshine or rain,

the message the same;


May God bless you!”

Poem by denisebalog©