Founded in Peace

Up the hill we climbed.
Each step drew us closer
To the days back in time.

Jerusalem – Anyone who knows me well, knows my heart skips a beat at the mention of the word, Jerusalem. According to the name meanings in the Strong’s Concordance, Jerusalem means – founded in peace.

Drawing my thoughts back to Israel, bits and pieces of memories penciled into my pocket journal. May I  share a poem penned on the last day of our journey into the gates of Jerusalem in January 2018.

“As all the days before,

We started our journey

With the open bus door.

Up the hill we climbed.

Each step drew us closer

To the days back in time.

Through the Lion’s Gate.

The place were Stephen,

A “man full of faith and the Holy Spirit”

Was crowned a saint.

Along the streets of old,

One day knowing,

Will be made of gold.

Carried right along,

We sang our final pilgrim song.

Each note tucked deep inside

Hearts overflowing,

Washed in emotions tide.

In this place we understand,

The price He paid to

Save this wretched man.”

May you and your family be founded in His peace today.

Thank you for sharing the journey with me.



Poem by dbalog©2018

Photograph captured as we climbed the steep hill by way of the Lion’s Gate into the Holy City of Jerusalem © 2018

No matter where you are located in Israel, one says, “going up to Jerusalem.”

“And they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit.” Acts 6:5 NKJV

Stephen’s story begins in Acts 6 through Acts 8:2.

Hanukkah – Day 8 – The Dedication

Lighting the candlestick in honor and celebration of Hanukkah through the eyes of a follower of Jesus Christ.

And when eight days were complete…His name was called JESUS. (Yeshua). Luke 2:21NJKV

The eighth candle, the final candle of celebration and remembrance of God’s miracle in the Temple in Jerusalem.

“They brought Him to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord” Luke 2:22 NKJV


The Dedication.

“And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name means Simeon. (One who hears) “So he came by the Spirit…and he took Him up in his arms and blessed God and said:


my eyes have seen Your salvation (Yeshua) which You have prepared before the face of all the peoples,

A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel.” Luke 1:22-32 NJKV

The miracle of the Light,

The wonder of each night.

Generations came,

Voices gathered in one proclaim,

“Holy, Holy, Holy!

All honor due His Saving Might!

Holy, Holy, Holy!

Praise His Wonderous Light!

I pray you have been blessed as the Holy Spirit has led through this season of honor, remembrance and celebration of Hanukkah through the revelation of His Light and Grace.


Poem by denisebalog©2019

Photos captured by dbalog©2014

Featured photo of Judean desert looking towards Jerusalem.

The Wailing Wall or Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Staff in Hand

“To travel once more to the Holy Land.

Walking the dirt;

Staff in hand.

Mind prepared;

Heart in shape;

Take us again to the Jaffa Gate!”

“They shall come and sing aloud on the height of Zion,

And they shall be radiant over the goodness of the Lord…

The young women rejoice in the dance,

And the young men and the old shall be merry.”

Jeremiah 31:12:13 (ESV)

Poem by denisebalog©2016

Photographs captured at the Jaffa Gate 2011 by denisebalog©2011

Where Two Ways Meet

“Take me to Jerusalem,

Your city named for


The place where

Crossroads cross,

And the street

Where two ways meet.


One leads to change;

It will never be the same.

And the other;

Through Your gate,

The place where my feet

Walk by faith.”

Stoned lined street leading to the Upper Room location. Could this have been the same path Peter and John would have taken when Jesus told them to "Go your way into the village..." Mark 11:2 KJV
Stoned lined street leading to the Upper Room location. Could this have been the same path Peter and John would have taken when Jesus told them to “Go your way into the village…” Mark 11:2 KJV

“And when they came nigh to Jerusalem…

At the mount of Olives,

He sendeth forth two of His disciples,

And saith unto them,

Go your way…And if any man

Say unto you,

Why do ye this?

Say ye that the

Lord hath need of him…

And they went their way, and

Found the colt tied by the door without

In a place where two ways met;

And they loose him…

And they said unto them

Even as Jesus had commanded:

And they let them go.”

Mark 11:1-5 (KJV)

 Poem by denisebalog©


Staff in Hand


“To travel once more to the Holy Land.

Walking the dirt; staff in hand.

Mind prepared, and heart in shape;

Take us again to the Jaffa Gate!”


“They shall come and sing aloud on the height of Zion,

And they shall be radiant over the goodness of the Lord…

The young women rejoice in the dance,

And the young men and the old shall be merry.”

Jeremiah 31:12:13 (ESV)


Photos captured February 2011 at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

poem by denisebalog©

Passover Moon

Passover 2 4196

Passover Moon

“Passover – let the death angel Passover LORD.

Apply the Lamb’s Blood to the house.

His Precious Blood atoning;

Cry out His Victory Shout!”


“The LORD roars from Zion,

And utters His voice from Jerusalem,

And the heavens and the earth quake.

But the LORD is a refuge to His people,

A stronghold to the people of Israel.”

Joel 3:16 (ESV)


As a Sparrow – Singing His Praise!

“Today I’m a sparrow;

“Neither reaping or sowing”

But yet!

My Father in heaven

Feeds me;

Cares for me;

Knows every

Count of feather

on my head;

And covers me

With His love.


“Are you not worth more

Than one of these to your

Heavenly Father

Who loves you.”



Cut off from the flock;


My Father sends one of

His little sparrows

To land outside

My window’s view.

Reminding me from

Heaven’s realm,

“I Love you!”


“Even the sparrow finds a home,

And the swallow a nest for herself,

Where she may lay her young,

At Your altars,

O Lord of hosts,

My King and my God.

Blessed are those who dwell

In Your house,

Every singing Your praise!”

From the Psalm

-My Soul Longs for

The Courts of the LORD-

Psalm 84:3&4 (ESV)


Jesus said,

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

And not one of them will fall to the ground

Apart from Your Father.

But even the hairs on your head

Are all numbered.

Fear not, therefore,

You are of more value

Than many sparrows.”

Matthew 10:29-31 (ESV)


On a personal note

 – missing fellowship

with my Church family

 as I recover from what seems

 as a self-induced,

sever sinus infection.

 But yet, I will sing His praise!


Photo captured of sparrows

making their nest in

the Wailing Wall

in Jerusalem – February 2011

I Will Comfort You in Jerusalem

Encouraged again by neighbor Butterfly Mind

and her post on a favorite pillow, her words brought

my comfort or Promise blanket to mind.

In an attempt to write, as with a pencil, and

Not a keyboard…here goes!


“As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

So the LORD surrounds His people.” Psalm 125:5 

I was going to Jerusalem
I was going to Jerusalem

Yep, that’s the verse. In 2010 the Lord invited me to Jerusalem.

At first thought, my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

After the initial burst of joy, and my mind took over,

Fear set in.

But it was too late,

the Scripture had dropped down into my spirit,

And I knew that I knew, I was going to Israel.


I came up with a million and one reasons why

this was not possible for me to go to Israel.

Keep in mind, I am a girl from Philadelphia who has traveled.

I flew the first time in 1967, by myself no less.

My husband and I, while living in Southern California,

flew the back and forth to Philly many times.

My folks drove us as kids up and down the east coast

every summer visiting family from here to there.

So why was I unable to do this?

And what does this have to do with a blanket?

Flying into Philadelphia
Flying into Philadelphia


One morning in prayer and distress at the

Prospect of the pending trip in the air,

I cried out to the Lord, and He gave me,


“As one whom his mother comforts,

So I will comfort you;

You will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13


So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13
So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13

I felt better, but the real truth was

“Lord, what happens when I am in the middle

Of the 9000 mile journey, in the air, I know

the evil one is going to tell me I made a mistake.

I heard wrong. I am SCARED…I can’t do this!”

9000 mile journey


He reminded me what Jesus answered

when the ol’ snake attempted to do

the same to Him. Jesus spoke,

“It is written…” 

It is written...Matthew 4:4
It is written…Matthew 4:4

So it began…I bought the most comfy fabric

I could find. Thinking I could write the words,

But the pen didn’t work very well on fleece.

So I started to stitch the words.

I thought, I would never finish one verse!


With each stitch, the Words were beginning

To become engraved on my heart.

And from His faithfulness and comfort

My Promise blanket became alive with hope.

And not one good promise failed!
And not one good promise failed!

 May I share a few verses…

I asked why He would want to bring me there.

Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24
Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24

He was faithful! I was not sick, not one day!!


I complained I didn’t understand what He was doing.

I would understand later.

What I AM doing...John 13:7
What I AM doing…John 13:7

We talked about how long the journey would take..

Its an eleven day journey Lord!

(As if He didn’t know this!)

And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1
And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1

Lord, how will I ever make this whole trip?

(I remember thinking on the bus…

I’m not ready to go home!)

Shall I not...cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9
Shall I not…cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9

Lord, what about my responsibilities at home?

Mary has chosen...Luke 10:42
Mary has chosen…Luke 10:42

My Prince of Peace…

Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

gave me this verse on Easter morning.

“Go to Galilee…there you will see Me”

(I wept like a baby in the Jesus Boat 

gift shop on the Sea of Galilee)

Do not be afraid...go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10
Do not be afraid…go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10

And the by the time the trip was ready to depart

on February 16, 2011…I was seeing myself

“Walking about Zion!”

Walk about Zion...Psalm 48:12
Walk about Zion…Psalm 48:12

In the LOVE of my Father,

He brought me to His land of Promise.

Love - ahabah - Tav-Aleph
Love – ahabah – Tav-Aleph

and with a desire and new seed planted

in my heart, I believe I will go again!

Let us go at once...I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23
Let us go at once…I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23

“Let us go at once to entreat the favor of the 

LORD and to see the LORD of hosts;

I myself am going!”

Tel Aviv - March 2014
Tel Aviv – March 2014

Secured to the Door of Rest

“The LORD has taught me more in rest,

Than when I’ve strived for my best…”

Poem by denisebalog©

First mention of Strive

“And the LORD said,

 ‘My Spirit

Shall not strive

with man forever.” in Genesis 6:3 (NKJV)


Strive – duwn (doon) the root of #1777 (Strong’s Concordance)

Dalet, Vav, Noon

The Door – Secured/Nailed – to life activity!


“Then Jesus said to them again…

I AM the Door…(NKJV) John 10:7

Anyone who goes through Me

Will be cared forwill freely

Go in and out, and find pasture…

I came so they can have

Real and eternal life,

More and better life than

They ever dreamed of.”

John 10:9-10 The Message

Yep, Jesus has taught me more

In rest,

than I have ever dreamed of,

Or when I have

Strived at my very best!



ps: I love the pizza pictured at the entranceway of the door! 

Photo captured “along the way” in Jerusalem, Israel 2014

Photo101 – Day 13 – Moments and Motion – …heart highway.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in You,

In whose heart are the highways to Zion…

They go from strength to strength.” Psalm 84:5-7 (ESV)


Photograph captured on the “highways to Zion” approaching the City of Jerusalem, Israel in March 2014.

Would it make a difference?

Sunday Morning

“What if I chose not to go,

to stay at home, another – no show?

Would it make a difference,

would my Savior care,

if I stay at home, and wasn’t there?

Would the songs be missing one small voice,

because I decide to stay in bed by choice?

If one less hand a midst the sea,

raised in worship and praise to Thee?

Would the prayers be less pronounced,

as they say “Amen” in the Father’s house?

Would it make a difference if I wasn’t there,

Dear sweet Jesus, do You really care?

I heard Him whisper softly to me,

“Don’t shy away in fear you see,

I died for you to Come to Me.”

by denisebalog©

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