Psalm 91:4 – Faith Pictures

Two weeks back, desperate to hear a word of encouragement from God, I went in search of the word “hope”.

I was surprised to find so many verses and variations of the word.

The “hope” I settled on is the Hebrew word machseh #4268 in the Strong’s Concordance. The definition surprised me. “hope, (place of) refuge, shelter, trust.”  His hope is my place of refuge and shelter when I trust in Him.

Often, I will look up to the word above and below to the next Hebrew word in the order. Often the Hebrew words are similar in spelling and a bit more of explanation is often given. Surprisingly, the word above and the word beneath “machseh” #4268 hit the reason for my desperate search for hope.

The word above #4267 machanaq means choking – strangling.

Hope, Refuge, Shelter, Trust

The word beneath #4269 machsowm means a muzzle – bridle.

This struck me, my Hope is found between the strangling and the bridle. I’ve pondered this for many days.

Last night, in the middle of the night, the sensation of pressure, or the strangling of my heart woke my sleep. I lay there praying, my hope, my place of refuge, my shelter, my trust is right here in the middle of any feeling of strangling of my heart or the muzzling of my freedoms. Peace replaced the pressure and I slept as His beloved for the rest of the night.

In step with the verses, today’s photograph, with the feather that began the whole Psalm 91 series which I will share another time, reminded me,

 He is my Hope, my Refuge, my Shelter, and my Trust.



Psalm 91 – Faith Pictures

“He who dwells…” Psalm 91:1

Beginning a new journey. In the following days, I will be sharing my personal photographs with Scripture verses from Psalm 91.

It would be an honor to have you join me.



He will cover you with His feathers…

Flutter of a wing to rest
Flutter of a wing to rest

Today is September 10th, so I turned to

Psalm 91 – (September is the 9 month and 1 for the 10)

May you also be encouraged and blessed!

“He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;

He is my God, and I trust in Him…

He will cover you with His feathers.

He will shelter you with His wings.

His faithful promises are your

Armor and protection.”

Psalm 91:2 & 4 (NLT)

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and

In the strength of His might.

Put on the whole armor of God,

That you may be able to

Stand against the schemes of the devil…

The belt of truth… (Jesus is the Way and the Truth – you are LOVED)

The breastplate of righteousness…(Christ Righteousness not yours – He finished the work)

Shoes for your feet…(The good news of the Gospel – for God SO loved us He sent His only Son)

Shield of faith…(Jesus Faithfulness, not ours)

The helmet of salvation…(Who you are in Christ. Loved, saved, redeemed forever!)

The sword of the Spirit, (the Holy Spirit – He brings to remembrance ALL things)

The Word of God, (Jesus is the King of kings!)

Praying at all times…” (for each other, our families, our country, peace…)

Ephesians 6:10-18 (ESV)

(Parentheses mine)

Photo captured on outside mural in the Jerusalem 2011