Looking for my kids in a heartbreak song…

Last week to work until summer vacation starts for me.

There are days when I think I’ve gone crazy with band aides, questions and such. Hours when I know I have not completed one office “task” or solid thought.

But today with all this emptiness, I am looking for my “kids!” Feeling like an up and down “heartbreak country song!

“Oh, where have all my children gone…enjoying their summer all the days long!!”

The last bus to go…

“The year complete;

I rest my feet.

Waving goodbye;

always a treat.

Small rural school,

remember the golden rule.

Be kind to your friends,

until we meet again.

The last bus to go,

we’ll miss them you know.

It’s been a good year;

yes, I believe that’s a tear.”

poem by dbalog