Morning view – do you see “success”?

Morning quiet time.

In my view, through the window,

is the gas grill.

I couldn’t see the flowers planted on the other side of the grill,

but I know they are there,

Morning view - success - 1
Morning view – success

because I planted them.

Morning view - success
Morning view – success

Made me think of heaven.

I can’t see heaven,

but I know it is there

beautiful…like the flowers.

Morning view - photo 3
Morning view – success

Brought to mind what Jesus said to Thomas,

Blessed are those who have not seen

and yet have believed. “ John 20:29 (NKJV)

I also thought of a promise to me…

“And blessed is she who believed

that there would be a fulfillment

of what was spoke to her from the LORD.” Luke 1:45 (ESV)

 Not seen, but believed…

I thought of “success”.

What does it mean?

Do I want success?

I wondered if “success” was in the Concordance.

Yes, right therebut look,

the word immediately after

“success” is “Succoth.”

What does that mean?

“Booth” or for our western minds “tent”.


The letters are Samach, Kaf, Tav…

Sukkoth (sook-kohth) – booth, tent (Hebrew word & pictures displayed below)

Resting Under the Cover of the Cross!!


Went looking for the first mention of “Succoth.”

Genesis 33:17…our beloved Jacob.

Starting with verse 33:12.

“Then Esau said, “Let us journey on our way

and I will go ahead of you.

Look at that,

Esau, the “world” says “let us” go on our way…”


Jacob’s said…

“Let my lord pass on ahead of his servant,

and I will lead on slowly or “gently”…at the pace of the children”

Sounds like my Jesus…Respectful, humble,

gentle, compassionate.

“Come to Me, all who labor.. and I will give you rest…

I am gentle…

You will find rest…” Matthew 11:28-29 (ESV)


“So Esau returned that day on his way.

But Jacob journeyed to Succoth,

and built himself a house

and booths for his livestock.

Therefore the name of the place

is called “Sukkoth.” Verses 16-17


We can go the way of Esau

making ourselves as the world

and going their way to “success”

(remember Esau “returned” to the way he came.)


we can be Jacob…

resting under the cover of

God’s house,

His Word,

and His promises to us.

Going gently, at a slower place.


Resting under the cover (Succoth – booth – tent) of the Cross

Finding all our “successes” are in Him Who loves us!


Sharing my journey through Scriptures

and the Hebrew word pictures.

Please feel free to share yours.



Deeper Treasures

“Depend of the LORD in whatever you do

 and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

This verse was on the bottom of my journal page…Isn’t He sweet!

And guess what? The number 16

(from Proverbs 16:3) represents

the sixteenth Hebrew letter Ayin – an eye.

To see, to know, to understand.

Doing a happy dance in the land of Succoth today!!

Ayin - #16 - Eye - to see, to know, to understand
Ayin – #16 – Eye – to see, to know, to understand


Hebrew  word – Succoth – Strong’s Concordance #5523

Sukkoth (sook-kohth) – booth, tent

Word pictures

Samech – Prop or Support – to rest

Samech - #15 - Prop or Support
Samech – #15 – Prop or Support

Kaf – Open cupped hand – to cover, under, wing of a bird

Kaf - 11th letter  - Open Palm
Kaf – 11th letter – Open Palm

Tav – Cross – a covenant, a sign, a miracle

Tav - #22 - Cross, sign, miracle
Tav – #22 – Cross, sign, miracle


 The word picture for Tav changed from what 

we would recognized as a “cross” when the Jewish nation

went into the Babylonian captivity time period.