Dolphins Tune

Journal Note:

Cooler – about 3:00 a.m. a true North wind blew –

The dolphin wind chimes tinkled in tune to the

Coolness of the north wind. –




“No west wind blew.

No east wind came.

The North wind echoed,

“There’s been a change!”

The South rose up and said,

“It’s still summer here!”

“Be gone cold wind,

It’s my time of year!”


“I bring the warmth up from the west;

Dry desert winds that

Bake and test!”

“Go back from where, and

Whist you came,

“South” winds blow

Is still my name!!”



Poem by denisebalog©

Enjoy your summer Saturday!



Photo101 – Day 18 – Edges and Lines – Clothesbasket in Tow

“Nothing sweeter

In my mind,

Then hanging laundry

On the line.

Light summer breezes,

Each pin squeezes,

Colors in motion

Stretched over time.


Lovingly spaced,

Shirt, shift, and lace.

Each sock and partner,

Paired for the race.


The Drier is easy,

Push a button and go.

Remove stress,

And wrinkles,

Clothesbasket in tow!”

Poem by denisebalog©

Photo101 – Pop and Color – Wind Chimes Play

“I put up the summer wind chimes

for the first time today.

Remembering soft breezes,

Their gentle music play.

The warmth of the sunshine,

Rising in the day.

Hours stretch before me;

My ear picks up the beat.

Gentle breezes blowing;

Faithful dog at my feet.”

Poem by denisebalog©