The King’s Highway – Jesus Revealed in Psalm 119

Thank you for coming to have a look. The following two excerpts are from the book. I pray you would be stirred in your spirit to want to see more of Jesus revealed.

“The King’s Highway…was penned from the depth of my soul, clinging to a friend’s hand, who stood on the edge of the pit…The Psalm and the Hebrew letters …drew me, like the Apostle John, looking to see Jesus as “the beginning and the end” and the “first and the last” in every passage of the Psalm.

“The journey began completely unplanned, never knowing the destination; no road signs pointed the way; willingly taking the turn, changing the path before me forever…

Did I dare spend time in the longest of the psalms… Not wanting to abandon His plan, I agreed in my spirit to continue with one request in my heart, “Father, let me see Your Son Jesus every step of the way.”... The Psalm, which had once frightened my sense of stability, navigated onward with a quiet assurance of reaching a hidden destination – Jesus.”

The King's Highway -Jesus Revealed in Psalm 119
The King’s Highway – Jesus Revealed in Psalm 119

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