Welcome to my Blog…

Greetings…welcome to my Blog.  Writing letters to friends, family and often strangers (we use to call them pen-pals) has always been something I enjoyed.  The desire of my heart is to share the beauty of Jesus gleaned from digging deeper into the Hebrew Alphabet or Alef-Bet letter and word pictures.  My interest in the Alef-Bet word pictures was ignited the first time I heard the statement, “Jesus would have been speaking to His disciples in Hebrew and not in Greek!”  As I considered this truth, it planted a seed, began to take root, and I dug deeper into the subject. Uncovering a truth, word pictures, have the ability to illustrate Scriptures. I pray our journey together will be an exciting time. So let’s “Enlarge the place…” of our understanding and “let the curtains of (our) habitations be stretched out…”  allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal hidden treasures of Jesus found in the language of God – Hebrew.    Isaiah 54:2 (ESV)

In Jesus Name! Amen


20 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog…”

      1. Thank you! It’s actually kinda misleading because it almost sounds like I’m saying that I have the best blog -ugh! It really refers to my desire to seek the best things in life 🙂
        Anyway, nice meeting you!


      2. No, I didn’t “read” it as that:) I see someone looking to read and find “the best blog”:) A “seeker:)” Good name:) So many wonderful blogs and neighbors, it is hard to make the rounds of the town daily! Lol

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  1. Hey, Denise! Just dropped by to have a look around! I love the thought of word pictures! Can’t wait to read more as I get time. Be blessed.

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    1. Thank you! I have realized, after visiting others in the neighborhood, I have to make a few changes. Never realized readers would go to the About page ad much as they do. Also, I have never mentioned my book The King’s Highway – Jesus Revealed in Psalm 119. Thinking of a new Theme to display more. Praying about a new “house” to live in. Moving and rearranging seems a bit overwhelming with just learning my way around my current site. Kind of like moving my tent pegs out a bit further, before I planned. Trusting in Jesus… He is the Door! In Hebrew that is the 4th letter Dalet. Means direction, path, course. So nice we became neighbors:) Looking forward to more!

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