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Thank you for stopping by! Should you have any questions, or would like to send a comment or note, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

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Brow of Nazareth
Brow of Nazareth

13 thoughts on “Contact Me”

    1. Thank you Marcey:) Yes, sounds good. I am in the midst of painting kitchen cabinets. I have been waiting for this clear, hot and dry pattern. All are prepared and ready to paint (white, oil base) at day break tomorrow:) I will check her out tonight on my laptop as I sit, (do not get up, no kitty I just fed you, I am not moving) off this couch:)! I cannot live in disorder! So live or roast, I will paint doors and drawers outside, then inside for bases. Thank you for thinking of me, sounds fun:)denise


  1. Dear Denise, I love your site and have indicated I would like to follow. Your question re my photo on weekend post. No it is not near to my home but is an Australian photo I took on holiday. Actually in Tasmania the small island at the foot of Australia. I will as God inspires endeavour to keep my daily posts short and hopefully encouraging. I will not include scriptures as you so beautifully do but will leave any visitors to put their own in their hearts. My site name should indicate that I am indeed passionately Christian. God Bless! Faye

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    1. Hello Faye:) Are you unable to click the “follow” button on my site? I know there is a screen where it list who are my “followers”, now I am trying to find the list and check if you are there:) Will look at see what’s up:) denise


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