Converging Paths

Source: Converging Paths Sharing this beautiful work of poetry from JacobEmet. (As this is my first “share”, I pray it post correctly) Please visit Jacob’s blog page to enjoy more of his poetry and post.

“I remember my tender beginnings,

The naivety of my youth;

But now I see with wise, old eyes

The guise of hidden truth:

My steps were not as uncertain

as I had deemed them be–

Planned before my days were numbered

then delivered unto me.

Yet oftentimes I have wondered:

The mistakes that I have made

Could surely not be included

Upon the path for me was laid.

But then I am reminded

Of a man from long ago

Who also had a destined path

He walked in joy and woe.

He never showed a doubt

Of the precarious steps ahead

But trusted with His life

The planned path He was to tread.

Yet I am just a simple man,

Not a man of grand destiny;

So how can I be expected

To live like He who lived so free?

Then wondrously I am reasoned

With the resolution of His story,

How the path laid out before Him

Healed my broken path to glory.

For the path that He sojourned

Was leading to His death;

An execution by way of proxy–

My mistakes He would bereft.

He straightened out the crookedness

Of my wayward, wandering feet

Restoring the path I was delivered;

The path, by Him, now made complete.

So wisdom has taught my heart to trust

The path of Him who came before

And of His conquest over death–

The hope of glory forevermore.

He had a plan before my conception

To repair this desolate path of mine;

Thoughtfully, mending the broken road I made

By causing our paths to intertwine.”

Poem by JacobEmet

2000 year old steps leading to Caiaphas' House in Jerusalem. photo captured by denisebalog February 2011.
2000 year old steps leading to Caiaphas’ House in Jerusalem.
photo captured by denisebalog February 2011.

Author: DeniseBalog

Author and Photographer who enjoys writing about Jesus and sharing photographs to illuminate His beauty.

8 thoughts on “Converging Paths”

    1. Sidetracked… Yes, I know, we are so prone to do! But He loves us anyway…and we’ve lost our way, He gently comes looking for us:) Was concerned about you living down by the coast in all this rain. Wild, wet Friday and party day in Elementary! New week tomorrow:) blessings friend, d


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