My Comfort…as the mountains surround Jerusalem


Hillside view on the way to work.
Hillside view on the way to work.

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

So the LORD surrounds His people.” Psalm 125:5


Yep, that’s the verse.

In 2010, as I was driving to work,

Meditating on these words,

the Lord invite me to Jerusalem.


My heart skipped a beat with excitement.

But, after the initial burst of joy,

my mind took over, and

Fear set in!

It was too late,

the Scripture had dropped down into my heart,

And I knew,

that I knew,

I was going to Israel.

I was going to Jerusalem
I was going to Jerusalem


Coming up with a million and one reasons why

It was not possible for me to go to Israel.

One morning in prayer,

I cried out to the Lord,

Softly, He spoke to my spirit in His Word.

So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13
So I will comfort you..Isaiah 66:13

“As one whom his mother comforts,

So I will comfort you;

You will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13


“Lord, but what happens when I am in the middle

Of the 9000 mile journey,

in the air,

2016-02-16 Whisked Away map 3201

and the evil one whispers in my ear,

“you made a mistake…you heard wrong…”


 His gentleness,

He reminded me of Jesus’ answer

when the ol’ snake attempted to do

the same to Him.

Jesus spoke,

“It is written…”


It is written...Matthew 4:4
It is written…Matthew 4:4


So it began…I bought the most comfy fabric

And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1
And Israel took his journey. Genesis 46:1

“Thinking I will write the words.”

But the pen didn’t work very well on fleece.

So I started to stitch the words.


With each stitch,

the Words began

To be engraved in my heart.

And from His faithfulness and Promises,

My “Comfort” blanket became alive with

Peace and hope.


Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

May I share a few verses…


When I asked, “Why do You want me to go?”


What I AM doing...John 13:7
“What I AM doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” John 13:7

When I asked, “What will I see?”

Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24
Your eyes will behold the King! Isaiah 33:17-24

When I reminded Him, yet again, of all my responsibilities.

"but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion." Luke 10:42
“but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion.” Luke 10:42

When I asked how I was going to afford to go on a trip like this?

Shall I not...cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9
Shall I not…cause to bring forth? Isaiah 66:9

But I’m scared…

Do not be afraid...go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10
Do not be afraid…go to Galilee..Matthew 28:5-10

And when my heart began to believe…

Let us go at once...I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23
Let us go at once…I myself am going! Zechariah 8:23

And the last verse stitched before I left

Walk about Zion...Psalm 48:12
Walk about Zion…Psalm 48:12

In His Faithfulness and 

Love - ahabah - Tav-Aleph
Love – ahabah – Tav-Aleph

Stepping out on the Comfort of His Word,

my life changed forever.

And not one good promise failed!
And not one good promise failed!

I pray you too have been blessed by His Faithfulness!

May God bless you,


17 thoughts on “My Comfort…as the mountains surround Jerusalem”

      1. Thank you friend:) That trip was February 2011. Then blessed to return March 2014. Now my heart waits for an open door to return again. In His timing, and season:) Thank you for coming by:) blessings!


  1. SO SO beautiful — a treasured miracle journey with the King every step of the way —- oh how I love this keepsake treasure. I can see Jesus smiling over this and laughing with you over a future faith journey of remarkable blessings!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Will pray His healing touch upon your body and lungs. Especially in this coming week, you would receive complete healing, wholeness and restoration in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen! “This is My body, this is My blood” broken for your healing. By His stripes you are healed! Isaiah 53:5. I even gargle with salt water and claim the “salt covenant”. May sound ” naturally ” crazy, but His ways and words are not ours. Isaiah 55:8. Go in Peace, health, wholeness, well-being. God bless sister:)


      2. Amen Barb! I am believing with you to glorify Him!! Stepping into the week of Jesus Passion…the anointing flows! May I suggest, to read all the “miracles” Jesus performed to fan the fire of your faith. And/or the Book of John. The Book Jesus raised Lazarath! He never left anyone without blessing them in what they needed. Grace. “The Law was “given” by Moses, but grace and truth “came” by Jesus Christ” John 1:17. Jesus came personally to save us:) He didn’t “send” someone else to do what only He could do! Immanuel… He is all about new life!! Continued prayers sister! Jesus is lighting your way! Amen, Amen!


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